Spotify arrives on Roblox with Spotify Island: here are the details

Spotify announced that it will become the music streaming brand to have an official presence within Robloxwith the launch of “Spotify Island,” a place where artists and fans will gather to play interactive missions, unlock exclusive content and purchase artist merchandise.

Spotify lands on Roblox

The new Spotify Island destination in Roblox will actually consist of a central core surrounded by a collection of themed islands, which players can explore by walking, running and jumping, tapping and collecting various items. The worlds themselves feature a color palette centered around Spotify’s shades of green, with oranges and purples mixed in.

There is also a music box in the upper right corner of the game world, which will host a soundtrack based on Soundtrap, one of Spotify’s audio creation tools. The music here can be played or paused, or players can skip tracks, according to the company itself.

An in-game merchandise store, meanwhile, will feature a variety of exclusive items, as well as special artist merchandise that will serve as an additional revenue stream for content creators. Spotify says artists will be able to keep a percentage of the sale of these digital products.

Spotify’s aim is to transform Roblox players into creators themselves, creating sounds in its Soundtrap-powered virtual beatmaker stations and moving to a “stage” area where they can interact with objects such as a confetti cannon and bubbles, simulating a concert. Over time, the company plans to expand this experience.

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