Spotify Audience Network arrives in Italy, France and Spain

Spotify Audience Network arriva in Italia, Francia e Spagna per sostenere il mercato dei podcast thumbnail

The podcast market is booming and is expected to reach a value of €1.5 billion in the European advertising sector by 2023. Spotify, which sees podcast publishers and advertisers as a key part of its business, has announced the expansion of Spotify Audience Network in Italy, France and Spain.

It is an audio-first network that it allows advertisers of all kinds to reach listeners, offering a huge range of content both on and off the Spotify app. Among these are the Spotify Originals & Exclusives and the podcasts of the main publishers who have joined the network in different countries, such as See in Italy, BaBaBam and Things to Know in France and The Wild Project in Spain. This move is part of Spotify’s investment strategy in Europe, seen as a key region for advertising growth.

The benefits of Spotify Audience Network

Through audience targeting tools, advertisers can reach listeners who are interested in podcasts from Spotify Originals & Exclusives or other independent producers. By doing so, advertisers can leverage “screen-free moments” to communicate with their target audiences, both inside and outside Spotify.

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Additionally, the Spotify Audience Network offers podcast publishers the ability to monetize the impressions generated by listeners in their markets. Whether you’re a hugely successful podcast publisher with an international audience or a smaller podcaster with a dedicated fan base, joining the Spotify Audience Network will give all publishers access to advertisers who are interested in their audience. .

“We know podcasts are becoming an essential part of our advertisers’ media mix, and we want to continue investing in technological innovation to meet their needs. Spotify Audience Network not only allows our advertisers to easily tailor their podcast campaigns, but also allows them to be precisely targeted. In addition to this innovative technology, we are working with some top-tier publishers, such as Vois in Italy and The Wild Project in Spain, which makes the Spotify Audience Network full of content listeners love,” he said. Alberto Mazzieri, Spotify’s Head of Sales Southern Europe.