In China, a man was arrested for generating fake news with ChatGPT

In Cina un uomo è stato arrestato per aver generato fake news con ChatGPT thumbnail

Apparently in Chinese are taking very seriously the danger of spreading fake news derived from artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT. The Chinese newspaper South China Morning Post reports that a man, identified only by his surname, was arrested in Gansu province after, according to local police, he “used artificial intelligence to create false and untruthful information ”.

The fake news reported the deaths of nine people in a train crash in late April. A bunch of different versions of the story would be published on Baijihaoa news blog-like social network operated by the Chinese search engine Baidu.

China: arrested for using ChatGPT to generate fake news

The report indicates that the suspect specifically used ChatGPT which, while not available in China, is easily accessible via a VPN. According to local police the man has been accused of “foddering quarrels and causing problems”. A very general accusation but which according to Chinese laws can lead to a sentence of five to ten years in prison.

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Last January, a law went into effect in China that all content generated by artificial intelligence must be explicitly labeled as such and that the original, real source is cited. Additionally, the law requires that anyone using generative software to change someone’s voice or image obtain their consent. Finally all content made with AI must maintain “a correct political direction and a correct orientation of public opinion”.

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