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Spotify is down: lots of user reports

In the last few hours, many users are reporting problems with the famous music application Spotify, which appears to have gone in down, preventing users from accessing. At the moment it is not yet clear what is happening and there is no official communication from the company. The effects of this down also seem rather varied, with some users unable to enter the app and others who instead only experience buffering phenomena.

Spotify is down

If we take a look at the down detector site it is actually clear that something is affectively going wrong with Spotify, as they have been more than 4,000 reports of malfunctions during the last few. Apparently the discomforts started at 18.00 about and at the time of writing this article does not seem to have found a solution yet.

Unsurprisingly, the reports came in droves, on the other hand the application has more than 380 million active users in the world and if something compromises its functioning in this way, it is natural for regular users to notice instantly.

Spotify down

At the moment it is not clear what is due to this down, but considering the recent episodes it is plausible to imagine that it could be a hacker attack. However, the company has not yet made any type of report, so it could also be an internal malfunction, such as the one that hit Facebook’s servers a few months ago and which lasted for several hours.

Surely in the next few hours we will know more, in the meantime we invite you to keep an eye on the Spotify social channels, so as not to miss any communications regarding the down. We at Tech Princess will try to keep you updated on the situation, informing you when and if the service will work properly again.

Update at 19:34

It seems that the disruption has affected many other online services, such as Discord and Snapchat, while even popular applications such as Pokémon GO and Etsy have been involved. It seems that now everything is back to normal, although it is not yet clear how it is possible that large companies like the ones mentioned have all gone offline at the same time.

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