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Spotify makes recommended playlists even more personalized

What makes Spotify the most used audio streaming platform in the world is definitely his ability to personalize the listening experience, proposing recommended playlists according to the user’s listening. A system that, through the various Discover Weekly and playlists For You, guide the listener to discover music similar to their tastes.

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Despite this, the system can be “corrupted” by some specific habits. Let’s say, for example, that we love a particular playlist specifically for training, or for relaxing before bed, or as background music while studying. In general, the algorithm, having saved that particular playlist as a favorite, will tend to consider those plays in personalized playlists (in the various Discover Weekly, for example). A small flaw in the system. So it can happen that, even if you tend to love, for example, reggaeton, but listen to rock only during training, both genres appear in the recommended playlists. The same can happen with young children: maybe they save a playlist for kids, but you don’t want to find “Baby Shark” in the weekly recommendations.

To fix this little flaw, Spotify is rolling out a new feature called “Exclude from my tastes“.

Exclude From My Likes: How Spotify Aims To Personalize Recommended Playlists

The new feature will allow the individual listener to exclude a specific playlist from their “taste profile”. This will allow the user to hear everything, indicating whether a certain listening should be taken into consideration by the algorithm that will propose similar music.Exclude from your Taste Profile was announced today in the United States, and is very likely to arrive in Europe in the near future.

Users just have to select a playlist, click on the three dots of the options and choose the “Exclude from your Taste Profile” option. In this way Spotify will not take that playlist into account when proposing recommended content. It will be possible to return at any time, always through the options of the playlist in question.

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