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Take control with AGON by AOC’s G-Menu

A single application to manage all AGON by AOC monitors and peripherals. Take control with AGON by AOC’s G-Menu

AGON by AOC is a world leading brand in gaming monitors and IT accessories. In the last few hours it has presented the new G-Menu software suite to manage and control all the peripherals branded AGON by AOC. From monitors, to keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse pads. AGON by AOC’s range of gaming products was best known for its award-winning monitors. Yes and then expanded in recent years with a variety of gaming mice, mechanical gaming keyboards, mouse pads and gaming headsets. These AOC accessories have been appreciated for their durability, their quality, the affordable price, the high-level specifications and, last but not least, the possibility of RGB synchronization between the various devices, to have an extra touch.

Details on the new AGON by AOC G-Menu

This type of gaming ecosystem is complete with monitors and numerous accessories therefore it required a software with which to control and customize all the settings at the same time. For keyboards and mice this means the ability to customize keys and buttons, to adjust sensitivity such as repeat rate, polling rate or DPI level. For headphones, however, it means the ability to manage audio settings, including surround. Thanks to G-Menu also the Light FX settings and the synchronization of the lights of the monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headphones can be managed and customized.

Take control with AGON by AOC's G-Menu


Now with the G-Menu software you will be able to enable the same configuration options as your monitor screen display settings with just one click. AOC monitors equipped with Light FX can be customized with RGB lighting. Thanks to the latest G-Menu update, users will also be able to preview RGB effects in the software before applying them on various devices (monitor, keyboard, etc.). In addition, G-Menu allows for color and theme synchronization (Light FX Sync) between products: Both your monitor and accessories such as mice, mouse pads, or gaming keyboards may have the same RGB lighting scheme and colors.

Variety of profiles

Today’s gamers look up to their heroes and want to follow in their footsteps. Peripherals will now be able to be chosen based on the different inspirations provided by their favorite esports streamer or athlete. With G-Menu it will also be possible to create, save and share new user profiles for different genres or games. In the “Discover” section of the G-Menu application, users will then also be able to see the descriptions and products compatible with a user profile, to then choose to copy it to their own devices as well. To adapt the DPI settings of a gaming mouse or replicate the color and responsiveness settings of a monitor of one of the idols of the gaming community… with G-Menu it will be possible with a single click.

The new AGON by AOC G-Menu allows for a wide range of customizations

For mice and keyboards, there will be a lot of leeway in assigning various functions to the buttons and keys. This way, users will be able to choose to assign tasks such as opening a media player and playing/pausing the song. Or tasks related to Internet browsers such as refreshing a page, opening the home page, searching and more. In addition, you can also assign the basic functions of the operating system to keys or buttons. How to cut/copy/paste or open/save documents. This kind of customization can be really useful, both in games and in everyday activities.

Macro management

Macro handling is equally crucial in some games where the action is so fast that the user has to press multiple keys simultaneously. This is where macros come into play. Even if the game or application doesn’t support it, thanks to G-Menu users will be able to create and manage macros, for example enabling them only in a certain game.

And you? What do you think of this new AGON by AOC G-Menu for managing all peripherals ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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