Spotify Re dei podcast: acquisite Podsights e Chartable

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After acquiring Podz last June, Spotify buys Podsights and Chartable, focusing more than ever on podcast content.

Spotify acquired Podsight and Chartable to enhance their podcasts

The recent controversy with Neil Young seems not to have affected the mission of Spotifywhich it seems increasingly a podcast oriented platform. A choice that from an economic point of view makes perfect sense, given that it is content capable of attracting large volumes of users and, consequently, advertising revenue. The latest news – after the acquisitions of Podz and Wooshka – arrives today, with the announcement of the purchase of Podsights e Chartable.

The first is a service that allows you to analyze advertising metrics and insights within podcast content. A kind of thermometer that will help advertisers not only get a general picture of the audio content, but also a target your ads, choosing shows more suited to their products. Chartable, on the other hand, is a tool reserved for publishers, which makes it possible to broaden the catchment area of ​​individual shows through an in-depth analysis of the contents.

These are therefore two new tools that are added to the already proven Megaphone tools reserved for creators. One step further for a brand that is becoming synonymous with podcast contenteven, perhaps, more of the same music that has been Spotify’s true core business for years.

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