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Horizon Forbidden West: Sony may be at risk of class action

Sony could run into legal trouble due to the prices of Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation Store: to reveal it is Hoeg Law, a channel specialized in legal actions in the world of video games and to raise the possible class action would be the various versions of the game currently available for purchase in the PlayStation digital store: let’s take a look in detail at what it seems to be the problem.

Horizon Forbidden West: Sony rischia la class action

The whole controversy would be triggered by the existence of two different digital Standard Editions of the game, which despite being practically identical have two different costs, more precisely of € 69.99 and € 79.99. The reason behind this price change between one version and another is the patch next genabsent in the first version and pre-installed in the second.

Too bad, however, that the aforementioned patch should be free, and that this change in pricing can consequently be considered misleading for users:

“Deceptive or unfair practices always depend on the perception of the individual, so I can say that I personally think this kind of thing is over the limit and at first sight deceptive but I’m not sure if the Federal Trade Commission or the judge think the same way” he explained Hoeg Law’s attorney. “That said, as I explained in the video, you can watch what was presented on the PlayStation Store and believe that the information on the material was voluntarily withheld and obfuscated by Sony and if players knew they could play Horizon for $ 60, many they would buy this version instead of paying $ 70 “.

Furthermore, according to the lawyer, the Japanese giant should unify the two prices, in such a way as to reduce the risks of incurring a class action, a scenario that the lawyer considers quite plausible if the situation remains the current one.

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