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Spotify slows down hiring to avoid economic crisis

Spotify is added to the list of companies that has chosen to reduce or slow down hiring. Several major companies in the tech world, in fact, are implementing a very conservative policy regarding investments and strengthening of the workforce due to the risk of a global economic recession. Spotify has therefore also chosen to adapt to this trend by slowing down hiring by 25%.

Spotify slows down hiring: is there a risk of an economic crisis?

The news was launched by Bloomberg. Spotify, like many other tech companies, has also chosen to cut back on new hires. The reduction is 25% compared to the company’s plans. At the basis of this choice is the growing uncertainty about the global economy. Currently, Spotify can count on about 6,600 employees with an increase of + 18% compared to 2020 (the data is updated at the end of 2021).

For the moment, Spotify does not intend to block hiring or lay off any staff. It is, in fact, a conservative choice, aimed at avoiding excessive investments in a potentially difficult period for the global economy. Over the next few months, the company will adapt the new choices and the flow of hires to what will be the new economic trends. For the moment, hiring is reduced.

Spotify hasn’t stopped investing. In fact, the company recently bought Sonantic. For more details you can take a look at the link below.

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