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The SalinaDocFest at the Casa del Cinema in Rome is underway

The SalinaDocFest kicks off at the Casa del Cinema in Rome from 30 June to 3 July and in Salina (Aeolian, Messina) from 15 to 18 September

And here is that the SalinaDocFest restarts from the Roman summer with new appointments and then moves to Sicily in mid-September. The International Narrative Documentary Festival conceived and directed by Giovanna Taviani returns to Rome, placing itself among the first places in the ranking of merit of the Roman Summer 2022 – Let’s rekindle the city, Together.

The title of the 16th edition of the SalinaDocFest is “Diasporas Encounters and Metamorphoses”: an invitation to reflect on plurality and the multiple – in history, in the present and in art – starting from the many hybridizations that the language of the documentary has gone through in recent years . This is the theme of the International Competition on call to be held at the Casa del Cinema in Rome from 30 June to 3 July.

Film titles – selected by Antonio Pezzuto, Anna Maria Pasetti e Paola Cassano – will be announced in the presentation press conference called, again at the Casa del Cinema, for Wednesday 22 June (11.30 am – Sala Gian Maria Volonté).

A jury composed of Laura Delli Colli (President), Igiaba Scego e Advantage Joy. The Dams Students Award // Roma Tre University will be awarded by the professor Ivelise PerniolaPresident of the student jury.

The program of the SalinaDocFest festival

In the program of the festival, the story of reality will be declined in all its forms, to cross together with the public a universe in which, alongside the document and history, the unexpected dimensions of opera and dreams find their place. In this sense, the choice of dedicating a large thematic window to the animation documentary, entitled “The metamorphosis of the language of reality”, should be understood.

The exhibition will open on June 30 with “Flee“(Flee) of Jonas Poher Rasmussen, nominated for an Academy Award for Best International Film, Best Documentary and Best Animated Feature Film. Flee is the story of an Afghan fugitive refugee in Denmark who, digging into his ‘repressed’, tries to reconstruct his own sexual and emotional identity.

Taviani expressed itself as follows:

The film stages the protagonist’s reverie through cuts, visions and caesuras in the strong contrast between the graphic animation… and the real archive images that show wars, diasporas and migrations. Yet animated images are more real than reality. … I think it is because the formalization of the “sign” takes reality away from you, in a fairy tale world far from the chronicles of the present, and at the same time transfigures it. He engages it in the great furrow of the epic narrative against the empty and always-equal language of the television news. It makes it universal.

The meetings of the SalinaDocFest

In the following days, authors and authors of cinema and graphic novels will discuss the relationship between drawn story and documentary track during the daily masterclasses at the Casa del Cinema curated by Ludovica Fales. It will be possible to meet the historic master of comics Vittorio Giardinoin conversation with the critic Oscar Cosulich (July 1). Then it is the director’s turn Stefano Savona (July 2) and the Israeli illustrator and art dirtector David Polonsky.

The screenings will continue every evening at the Ettore Scola open-air theater, with the presentation of three historically recognized masterpieces: “Persepolis” from Marjane Satrapi e Vincent Paronnaud (July 1), “The road to Samouni” from Stefano Savona (July 2) and “Waltz with Bashir” from Ari Folman (July 3).

Taviani declares:

True stories, some autobiographical, all moved by an irruption of subjectivity into the narrated material that makes the documentary a new genre from the point of view of language and expressive potential. On the other hand Agnès Varda declared it: I put myself in my films because I want to stay a little longer among them, in the company of my audience. Metamorphosis of the documentary and of humanity. Because diasporas, wars, expatriates produce encounters, create changes.

Cris Toala Olivares at SalinaDocFest

Ecuadorian photographer and filmmaker who lives and works in the Netherlands for National Geographic, will be a guest of the festival on the opening day. He approached the ‘people of the volcanoes’ following the same path, epic and personal at the same time. The image chosen to illustrate the concept of this 16th edition is of him.

The director of the Festival says:

The image portrays in a beautiful wide angle Gaetano Cincotta by all known as the Viking of the island of fire, on a boat in the middle of the sea, with the volcano in the background, while he is about to throw water on the net as a sign of respect for the nature. … In a dramatic scenario like that of the war we are experiencing, this image gives us, on the contrary, the idea of ​​a path, of an Ulyssian journey from one’s homeland to new distant shores, which transform the identity of man into a face to face with nature, towards a fruitful metamorphosis that makes him free. The Viking of Stromboli is the result of grafts of peoples, eternally traveling across the Mediterranean, a sea that favors encounters, while the volcano behind him changes and transforms the conformation of the coasts.

The photographic book “Living with Volcanoes“Will be presented in Italian preview on June 30, and will officially open a focus dedicated to the territory and sustainability, organized in collaboration with Green Salina Energy Days:” Vulcani Energia Islands “.

The window, which will act as a bridge between the Roman and Aeolian sections of the Festival, will close on the afternoon of June 3 with the screening of two emblematic films: “La Soufriere” from Werner Herzog (Germany 1977, 30 ‘) and the very recent “Fire Under The Sea” from Gil Kebaili, Roberto Rinaldi e To Marecot (France 2022, 52 ‘), shot among the spectacular marine volcanic manifestations.

The seeds of ’92

From Sicily to the capital and back, the Festival – which will continue in Salina from 15 to 18 September with the national competition “Isole.Doc” – opens its screenings at the Casa del Cinema in Rome on 30 June, with an event with a highly allegorical value: the presentation of the intense reportage “The seeds of ’92“, signed by Salvatore Cusimano. He is the journalist who was the first to broadcast the images of Capaci, in an unforgettable extraordinary edition of Tg 1. The editors, together with the author, will be present at the meeting. Giorgio e Mario Palumboaudiovisual producers, who have always been at the forefront of spreading the culture of legality, and the journalist Paolo Mondaniauthor of the sensational investigation “The black beast”.

We remind you that The Black Beast was broadcast in the episode of Report last May 23 and brought to light unprecedented connections between the mafia and right-wing subversion, sparking controversy and opposition culminating in the search of the journalist’s home by the DIA, on mandate. of the Caltanissetta prosecutor’s office.

The seeds of ’92 – which will be screened in a space entitled “The documentary in schools. Memory and generations. School and Citizenship in the commitment of Palumbo Editore “- seeks an answer to some of the most dramatic questions that remain open on the complicity outside the Cosa Nostra, but also collects the testimony of those who today work every day to spread the culture of legality, and profoundly change the life of the community.

The mural painted on the facade of the Centro San Giovanni Apostolo, in the heart of the CEP of Palermo, is a symbol of this hope. In the naive drawing, a large flower lifts its stem over green Sicily: its roots are watered by the colored silhouettes of Falcone, Borsellino and Father Puglisi.

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