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Springer Nature vs. ChatGPT: Cannot be credited as author

Springer Nature, publisher of the celebrated magazine Natureestablished that artificial intelligences such as ChatGPT they cannot be counted among the authors to be cited in the articles.

Springer Nature vs ChatGPT

The largest academic publisher in the world had to clarify this position following the massive use of AI to write scientific articles. However, he also clarified that he is not against the use of ChatGPT, as long as this is declared by the authors.

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In short, a very blurred boundary but which became necessary as 2023 would seem to be the year of AI. In fact, Springer Nature itself had to issue a statement in this regard:

“We felt compelled to clarify our position: for our authors, for our publishers and for ourselves,” he said. Magdalena Skippereditor-in-chief Nature, to the site The Verge.

“This new generation of LLM tools like ChatGPT has really exploded into the community, who are rightfully excited and playing with them, but also using them in ways that are beyond how they can really be used at the moment.”

Thinking about it, it might seem absurd to have mentioned an artificial intelligence in a scientific article. Yet an article published in the magazine Oncoscience just sees ChatGPT being cited among the authors.

The choice was justified because, according to the authors, the AI ​​has contributed intellectually to the content of the document. However, the response from the scientific community (and social networks) was cold as well as negative.

In fact, in addition to the clarification of Springer Nature, other voices have been raised against considering an artificial intelligence as equal to an author, as it is unable to respond to certain responsibilities.

“When we think of the authorship of scientific articles, of research articles, we don’t just think of writing them“, Magdalena Skipper underlined. “There are responsibilities that go beyond publishing, and certainly right now these AI tools are not able to assume them.”

Another big problem is the current lack of reliability of ChatGPT, criticality of which OpenAI seems to be aware and working to solve it.

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