Squid Game could be “the future of battle royale”

Squid Game potrebbe essere "il futuro dei battle royale" thumbnail

According to reports from Tom Henderson, an often reliable source of information when it comes to upcoming video games, it appears that i battle royale e Squid Game may be close. We remind you that all the information contained within this article have not yet been confirmed therefore we advise you to take them with pliers.

Squid Game e i battle royale

Squid Game has taken the world by storm since it was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. So much, in fact, that it now appears that some in the video game industry have noted its importance. And while a video game specifically associated with Squid Game ownership is not currently in development, it appears that some developers in the industry are trying to adapt the its format for themselves.

According to Tom Henderson, an often reliable source of information when it comes to upcoming video games, a Squid Game style project is currently in the works. Henderson notes that not sure which studio is working on this project, but says it will clearly be an evolution of the battle royale genre.

“The future of battle royale is coming,” he said on social media.

As some were quick to point out in response to Henderson, Fall Guys is a title that already somehow mirrors Squid Game. In short, Fall Guys asks players to compete in a variety of different activities during multiple events. The player who remains standing at the end of all these games is declared the winner.

For those who haven’t seen Squid Game, the TV series works in much the same way and sees hundreds of players compete in different games to win money. However, the big difference is that those who lose in Squid Game they are executed, which is much more terrible than in Fall Guys. As such, perhaps this new project that is in the works might be better suited to mature audience.

The South Korean TV series is available on Netflix’s streaming platform.