Squid Game: The Challenge, a video reveals the first games

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The creator of the original series reveals, through a video, the first games that will be featured in Squid Game: The Challenge

Waiting for the second season of Squid Gamestill shrouded in mystery, we can reveal some details of the game show inspired by it: Squid Game: The challenge. After the very first trailer, Netflix has also decided to publish another video, so as to anticipate some new details on what we will see.

Squid Game: The Challenge, a video reveals the first games

Old and new games | Squid Game: The Challenge, a video reveals the first games

The protagonist of the video in question is Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator of the beloved TV series, which managed to achieve incredible worldwide success upon its release. Also in the company of Anupam Tripathithe actor who played Ali in the first season of the series, we will be accompanied inside the set, which we will soon see filled with participants from all over the world and ready to do anything to win the coveted prize in prize: 4.56 million dollars.

The video opens showing the bedroom, one of the most famous places from the original show. It immediately becomes clear how much this game show wants to be faithful to the original as regards the location, which seems completely similar to that of the TV series. There is also space to learn about the game environments, which also represent an excellent clue to understanding what challenges the participants will face. It looks like we’ll be seeing some of our most beloved games, including 1,2,3 stellabut also the biscuit game and the terrible marble game. But that’s not all, because it would seem that we will have room for new games. One of the locations visited by Hwang Dong-hyuk and Anupam Tripathi appears to be a large set, perhaps intended for a particular version of Battleship.

The release date

Squid Game: The Challenge, which arrives on Netflix on December 22ndwill be composed of 10 episodes, all shot in the UK. We just have to wait for the new game show, which will see Ben’s participation 456 competitors. We also remember that the second season of the beloved Squid Game is probably expected between late 2024 and early 2025. The wait will therefore still be long!

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