Squid: one of the best news apps

Squid: one of the best news apps

Squid is an application for Android or IOS Smartphone that aims to constantly update you on the news of your interest

Never like the current period we are experiencing, surrounded by fake news, contradictory news and so on and so forth, staying updated through reliable sources has become a real ordeal. Precisely for this reason, we want to talk to you today about what is probably one of the best smartphone applications that can quickly and easily satisfy your thirst for news through reliable newspapers: Squid.

Who writes to you has been using it for a few years and there is not a day that does not open it (the App) at least once to browse the latest news in the field of technology or health. I anticipate that it is a software available for free both in the Play Store by Google for all smartphones Android that on theApp Store of branded devices Apple. But let’s find out in detail all its features and functions.

Squid: functions

At the first start of the application you will be asked to select your country of origin and your topics of greatest interest from a vast list, which includes music, sports, cinema, video games, health, technology, humor, theater, gastronomy, politics and many more. You will then be taken to the Home containing the most relevant news of the day, according to the program algorithm, and which touch on the various topics selected previously. Next to the Home icon, in the upper part of the interface, there are the sections of the various subjects, useful for being able to explore only the news belonging to a certain topic. By pressing on a news you will be immediately redirected to the source of the news, that is to say on the site that talks about it. Convenient and fast.

Squid: one of the best news apps

But it is not limited only to this, because if you are tired of being hunted by the continuous advertising banners of websites, by touching the book-shaped icon always positioned on the top margin of the screen, the app will reload the web page in a format distraction-free, that is without images of any kind or intrusive promotional advertising messages. There is also the possibility to save any news in the collection “bookmark“, So that at any time (as long as you always have an internet connection) you can reread the most important news even after months or years.

Useful tools

There is even the possibility of underline articles with different colors as well as adding words and positioning them at any point of the article “piece” you are viewing at that moment. To do this, just click on the small squid icon positioned at the bottom of the news you are viewing. Once this is done, you will have the opportunity to share the news on social channels or send it to your contact within any instant messaging app (for example WhatsApp or Telegram) with a few simple steps. Finally, there is the possibility of to draw, tapping the icon of pencil, and create small works of art next to any article or even just to circle and highlight certain salient points of the same.

Squid: conclusions

Coming to the end of this examination it is evident how such a simple application is of enormous utility, given and considered its numerous options to be able to spread / share new knowledge in different sectors through very few steps. The Stockholm company Njuice AB has created an App with a capital A that no smartphone owner should miss in their software catalog, even more so when you consider that it is totally free.

What do you think of Squid? Will you start downloading and using it too? Let us know what you think below in the comments. Finally, do not forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on our YouTube channel and stay connected on TechGameWorld.com.it to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!