Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown update launched

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Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16’s Return to Jumptown update introduces improvements to the Grav-Lev, the new Drake Cutlass Steel ship, and more. Here are all the details.

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: what you need to know about Return to Jumptown

From December 22nd it is possible to take advantage of the new update of Star Citizen – Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown. Along with the release comes the brand new dynamic event called Jumptown 2.0. The latter is inspired by the original fan-favorite PvP event: Jumptown. Factions (criminal and otherwise) around the world come together to gain control of an overabundance of illegal drugs. Expect large-scale battles, in old and new locations, as players team up to secure the drug load.

Also, with January 3.16.1 patches, players who prefer PvE will be able to explore new abandoned ships. These offer traps to avoid and puzzles to solve, but also valuable and interesting rewards.

“2021 has been another great year for Star Citizen and our amazing community. We are thrilled to end the year with another explosive dynamic event in Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown, ”he declares Chris Roberts, creative director of Star Citizen. “Also, in January, 3.16.1, we will add abandoned ship cemeteries and hidden treasures protected by deadly traps.”

All the news of Return to Jumptown

Here are some of the main features of the new update:

  • Jumptown 2.0: During this event, both honest players and criminals will compete for control of valuable drug crates at various outposts in the Stanton system.
  • Drake Cutlass Steel: a dropship variant of the Drake Cutlass that replaces the cargo capacity with room for 18 seats. Useful for transporting troops to the front lines of battle, along with a variety of weapons, including door-mounted guns, manned and remote turrets, Gatling ballistic machine guns, laser repeaters, and a powerful missile load.
  • Physical reworking grav-lev: Hover bikes will see major improvements following a significant rework of the flight and ride model for grav-lev vehicles. The result is better handling, stability and a far better experience.
  • New sizes: Bounty hunters can now pursue over-cave contracts on microTech, outposts on ArcCorp, and more with new bounties across Stanton, including hidden objectives on all major planets in the system.
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