The GoPro Hero 10 Black review. What’s new?

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The real novelty of GoPro Hero 10 Black it is invisible. It is not in fact an aesthetic change but a processor upgrade. After keeping its GP1 for three generations, the company has finally decided to switch to the new GP2 which improves video performance and makes the interface more responsive.
Is all this enough to justify the transition from GoPro Hero 9 to 10? Let’s find out in our review.

The design is pretty much the same

Compared to the Hero 9 it changes little: the weight is lower, the case – in aluminum with rubberized coating – seems more resistant to bumps and scratches and the logo is now blue.
The most important news is the hydrophobic treatment of the lens, which allows the water to run off without leaving droplets that can ruin your shot. Know that, if you want, you can only buy the lens. To do things? Simple: to use it on the Hero 9 by taking advantage of this improvement.

It is also taken from the previous model the dual display: front, 1.4-inch and with a refresh rate of 30 Hz, and rear, 2.27-inch, touchscreen to allow you to set up the camera. Both are again characterized by a good brightness, which allows you to see what happens on the screen even in the sun, without too much difficulty. What changes compared to Hero 9 is undoubtedly the reactivity of the display located on the back, thanks to the new processor that eliminates any hesitation and helps you save a few seconds of your time.

The accessory attachment system is identical, with the two retractable feet that do not force you to use some case to be able to connect what you need.

GoPro Hero 10 Black recensione

GoPro Hero 10 Black finally brings with it a novelty that, surprisingly, has also been added to the “old” model. We are talking about the possibility of copy content via USB-C cable, so as to speed up this operation both on PC and smartphone.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black review: the news is under the hood

By now you will have understood: the big news here is the GP2 processor. This chip doubles the performance of the action cam and, specifically, the framerate. That’s why GoPro Hero 10 Black can record clips in 5.3K a 60 fps, in 4K a 120 fps e in 2.7K a 240 fps.
The results are excellent in all 3 cases, with the possibility of using the clips in 2.7K and 4K to create slow-motion. The 5.3K movies, on the other hand, are a lifesaver in post-production: you can take the opportunity to crop the image – then zoom in on what interests you – or to better center the subject.

There remains some distortion due to the wide angle but basically it is the trademark of GoPro, while the performance in low light conditions is slightly improved, with visible noise but the ability to quickly switch from bleak to bright situations without burning the image.

It goes a step further too HyperSmooth stabilization, now in version 4.0. GoPro Hero 10 therefore manages to balance movements and vibrations well, both when you simply hold it in your hand and when you attach it to a means of transport such as a bike or a car.
Horizon leveling has also improved which passes from 27 to 45 degrees. What does it mean? Previously, when rotated 27 degrees, the GoPro switched to vertical shooting, a limitation that caused some headaches for sportspeople. For example, think about how much you bend over while skiing or doing even more extreme activities. Now we get to 45 degrees, which guarantees greater freedom of movement.
Finally come back the Flat profile, ideal for those who want to perform color correction in post-production.

E the photos? We tell you immediately: I’m not his forte. The maximum resolution goes up to 23 megapixels and the results are decent but many contemporary smartphones offer you something more. Indeed, to be honest the GoPro Hero 10 itself offers you something more: by capturing frames while shooting videos you can get better results.

Photo taken with GoPro Hero 10 Black


Autonomy has always been GoPro’s Achilles heel and the Hero 10 is no exception. The battery is in fact the same as the previous model, from 1720 mAh, and guarantees 30 to 60 minutes of use depending on the mode and resolution chosen. By the way, going from 5.3K to 4K to 2.7K you will see the battery percentage change in real time: a small feature that helps you decide how and when to record.

But beware of prolonged use: during a timelapse of about 10 minutes our GoPro Hero 10 she got quite hot as well as during classic shots that required continuous use of this action camera. It also happens to other products in the same category, mind you, but it is a factor that you should take into account.

The GoPro Hero 10 Black review: is it worth buying?

GoPro Hero 10 Black is still the action cam to beat, the reference in a market that focuses on sportsmen and image professionals. After all, it always has been, but today it offers double the framerate, greater power and a smoother and more responsive interface. All this together with the great versatility that has distinguished GoPro since its inception.
The Hero 10 Black though keep showing flank when talking about autonomy, overheating and photography.

It is therefore worth the splurge 529 euro? It really depends on you. For videomakers, especially if they specialize in extreme shooting, it is certainly an interesting upgrade, which allows you to do something more and above all to do it more quickly. If, on the other hand, all you want to do is press Rec and record your exploits, the Hero 9 still does an excellent job at a lower price.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Double display
  • New processor
  • Greater reactivity
  • Double the framerate


  • Autonomy still limited
  • Occasional overheating
  • Photo undertone