Star Wars Battlefront 3: EA has rejected the creation of the new game

Although DICE has proposed in the past the creation of a new game, the development of Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been denied by EA

In April 2020 EA and DICE had announced the end of the support of Star Wars Battlefront 2, motivating the fact with the need of the studio to make full use of their efforts towards the new Battlefield game that would be released in 2021. At the same time, the latest update of Battlefield 5 was also released, further confirming the will to focus as much as possible on the new title of the famous FPS saga.

Four years ago, the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was disastrous, followed by numerous controversies and negative opinions due to its gameplay aimed at loot-boxes. Subsequently, the arrival of new patches and adjustments made the game more appreciable, leading all in all to desire a sequel to the title. Recent rumors by insider Tom Henderson however, they seem to reveal that the idea put forward by DICE in creating the new game in the series, Star Wars Battlefront 3, has been rejected by EA due to licensing costs.

EA’s rejection of a Star Wars Battlefront 3

After the title entered the final stages of support, Star Wars Battlefront 2 design director Dennis Brannvall later had to give a rather unpleasant news: Another Battlefront is not expected to arrive. At the time, the reason behind this statement was one lack of “hunger for sequels” that was beginning to characterize the gaming industry. Yet, for Tom Henderson, the real reason that led EA to reject the arrival of a new game by DICE actually lies on the costs that the company would have to pay for the license of Star Wars Battlefront 3. According to a former developer, it would take over 20% more sales to get the same money spent.

Now, SAYS it would already working on an upcoming Battlefield, and while there are two Star Wars titles currently in development at EA, surprisingly neither will belong to the multiplayer genre. If we also add how many key Battlefront developers have long since left the studio, the hypothesis of another Battlefront is becoming increasingly unlikely.

We also remember how EA is not the only one to be developing new Star Wars themed video games: in addition to Ubisoft, Quantic Dream also wants to exploit this franchise, with the opportunity to experience a videogame approach never seen before by the development house, aiming for a more action game than the purely ludo-narrative stories with which we have been accustomed for some time.

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