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Star Wars Eclipse: release scheduled for 2027-2028?

A rumor is taking place, according to which the release of Star Wars Eclipse, a title in development at Quantic Dream, would be scheduled for 2027-2028

In spite of an impressive debut trailer, which premiered at the The Game Awards 2021it seems that the transalpine boys of Quantic Dream are going through numerous difficulties (the title seems not to be in playable form yet) regarding the development of Star Wars Eclipse. According to the known insider Tom Hendersonin fact, the main goal of the video in question was only to attract the attention of the most talented developers, with the game currently having a window of expected release in three or four years.

Star Wars Eclipse: release still far away according to a rumor

Henderson he also added that the trailer in question, according to his sources, would not have had the desired effect, with the studio headed by David Cage as a result, it is very late on the schedule. This would have led to suppose as the title launch it will hardly materialize before 2027-2028. The 67 job positions open at Quantic Dreamwith many of those related to the Paris study added recently.

Star Wars Eclipse: release scheduled for 2027-2028?

Henderson also noted how the release date of many of these ads, as found through, have been manually updated, with the initial publication date actually being much older than it is today. An example comes from the position of Senior Level Designerat the Paris studio, published last February 28, but initially posted on June 28, 2021.

This can only lead to a more concrete hypothesis of the relative hypothesis to the faraway release of Star Wars Eclipse. Obviously, as always in these cases, we at invite you to take the news with all the necessary precautions, given the absence of official confirmation.

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