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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: ESRB rating ahead of day one

A disturbance in the Force: Well in advance of the game’s launch, we have an ESRB rating of Star Wars Jedi Survivor

It will not be the secret message recorded in R2-D2’s hardware, but a preview from theESRB it’s always nice and Star Wars Jedi Survivor is certainly no exception. Just over two months until the game’s release, ed EA e Respawn Entertainment I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches on the title. Production starts at the end credits, but waiting for the fanfare of John Williams and the long scrolling of the narrative premise among the stars we have an inevitable goal of the pre-launch period. Moreover, it is not even the first time that the rating system has leaked information.

When Star Wars meets the ESRB, the secrecy of the Jedi has very little to call themselves “Survivor”

For those who are not aware of it, we still remember that the ESRB is the American equivalent of our (read: European) PEGI: the recommended age rating for Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a T per Teen. In other words, there is more or less talk of a middle ground between 12+ and 16+ on PEGI. In its official description, the game promises all the elements that made all lovers of the saga fall in love with Fallen Order (the predecessor). In fact, players will find themselves “exploring alien planets using their Jedi powers to traverse scenarios and fight hand-to-hand against various enemies.”

Naturally, if we are uncorking (telekinetically, with the Force) the sparkling wine it is because the ratings tend not to arrive until the games are close to release. And considering that we talked about postponements just this morning, Jedi Survivor probably won’t receive any. The title is planned for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC on the 17th of March. Most likely, you will soon find us here to quibble about day one patches, gold phases and so on. Until then though, and at the risk of sounding obvious, we bid farewell as only Star Wars fans could: may the Force be with you.

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