Star Wars Jedi Survivor: here is the weight of the game on PS5

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The final weight in terms of GB for the PS5 version of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has been revealed. Let’s find out the details in this news

A few days now separate us from the debut of Respawn Entertainment’s latest effort on PC and latest generation consoles, and many users are preparing to return to the role of Cal Kestis. After learning the requirements for the PC version, and some interesting details on the plot that will be the background to this new adventure, the final weight of the game for the PS5 version has appeared on the net in the last few hours.

The weight of the PS5 version of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has been revealed

Thanks to the various trailers and videos shown so far we have been able to see how promising this new title is both in terms of gameplay and in terms of graphics. However, so much goodness will bring with it a penalty to be paid in terms of weight on the storage memory, since, according to the latest statements that have appeared online, the download and installation of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will require the beauty of 147,577 GB of memory, for the PS5 version of the game.

Obviously the data reported refer only to the installation of the game, and may not take into account any day-one patches, which could make the already impressive amount levitate even more. The title is expected on April 28, with preloads starting as early as the 26th of the same month, so you still have a few days to check and, if necessary, make room in the storage memory of your console.

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