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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: The Game has 5 different lightsaber stances

Don’t say that Star Wars warriors fight without rest: the stances (and fighting styles) for lightsabers are 5 in Jedi Survivor

After Fallen Order, it is evident that Star Wars Jedi Survivor intends to expand the gameplay and presence of ben 5 stance diverse proves it. The protagonist Cal Kestis, in addition to having to explore larger areas with a greater number of secrets, will in fact benefit from a few more poses. For those unfamiliar with the jargon, we allude to the so-called “stance system”, in which several different fighting styles alternate. The director Stig Asmussen he confirmed it to the foreign sector press, specifying how much more dynamic the player’s approach to the different enemies he will face should be.

To do or not to do, there is no try: in Jedi Survivor, 5 stance the Star Wars fan will have to use

Asmussen described the novelties of Star Wars Jedi Survivor thus: “We have completed no less than 5 stances in the game. It depends (or depend, ndt) a lot on the enemy that stands in front of you. Using different types is beneficial against certain types of enemies, but it will be up to the player to figure out who to deal with how. Game design requires players to analyze the enemy and figure out how to deal with them based on their arsenal.” For example, the “double edged” stance sees Cal use due diverse spade laser. Another, however, combines the blaster and the lightsaber. Experimentation, as in any self-respecting soulslike, is everything.

Regarding the choice to incorporate a blaster into Cal’s moveset, Asmussen said that “it says everything about Cal’s situation at this point in the story. Five years have passed, but the dark times are not over. As a Jedi he is a very unusual knight, and because of this he fights equally unconventionally. And the upper echelons of the Jedi order will certainly not look kindly on his pragmatic approach to combat. ” Another stance leverages slow heavy fighting with the laser sword of Kylo Ren. “A more confident, heavier approach, with the cooldown times that come with that.” The game is expected on March 17, 2023 su PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S e PC.

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