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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

In this guide you will find many useful tricks and tips that will allow new players to better face Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

If you are a fan of the historic franchise of George Lucas for sure you will have your eye on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This new title of Electronic Arts it is really very fascinating but for less experienced players it could be a bit too difficult. To help novice gamers, we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find many tips and tricks to better deal with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

Tinker with the settings – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

To kick off our list of tips and tricks for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor we want to invite you to do something that players often tend not to do: change the settings. In fact, in this title from the options menu you can find many settings capable of significantly simplify your gaming experience.

The most useful option to activate is definitely the assisted navigation, since it will allow you to see an icon on the mini-map that will indicate the correct path to follow to move forward in the game. It can also be very useful too disable fall damagesince in this way when you happen to fall into the void you will not take damage and immediately respawn nearby.

Furthermore, in addition to these gameplay options, it is also possible to modify many of them relating to theaccessibility. For example if you are arachnophobic you can change the appearance of the spiders to make them less scary, or if you’re sensitive to gore, you completely can disable the dismemberment of humans during the fights.

Take advantage of the double jump – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks

Generally whenever in a game there is the possibility to perform a double jump players tend to exploit it constantly and thankfully this attitude will offer you great advantages in Jedi: Survivor. In fact, by jumping twice you can quickly cover great distances, a very useful advantage both for moving around and for avoiding certain enemy attacks. Also the double jump is particularly useful before starting a wall runas it will allow you to complete these courses more easily.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

Interact with Meditation Points – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

The points of meditation they are one of the fundamental elements in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and during your adventure you will surely find many of them. Sometimes you may not need to interact with these checkpoints right away, but we still do we advise you to do this every time you see one. In fact, in the game it is possible to exploit the fast travel to instantly move to any unlocked meditation point on the planet you’re on. If you want to avoid walking the same route dozens of times, we strongly suggest you follow our advice.

Go Hunting for Shortcuts – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

While you can comfortably teleport from one meditation point to another, your destination won’t always be near a checkpoint. For this reason, to make your exploration sessions less tiring, it is important find all shortcuts in an area. In fact, every time you enter a new area you will have a good chance of finding some zipline which once unlocked will allow you to easily return to the previous one.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

Light Up Creatively – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

During your adventure it will happen very often to explore caves and other dark places. In these cases your trusty BD-1 will turn into a small light bulb, but sadly it won’t be able to illuminate the surroundings very well. Luckily in these cases you can always take advantage of yours includes a lasersince simply by extracting it you will be able to make much more light than that generated by your robot friend. Furthermore, using two blades at the same time you can even make double the light, simplifying even more the exploration of the darkest places in the game.

Don’t try to do everything right away – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

Generally, once they have reached a new planet, completionists love to immediately devote themselves to exploring it in every smallest nook and cranny, but in this title it will just be a waste of time. In fact, in every world there are many areas that you won’t be able to visit until you find the right skill. This means that to explore each planet at 100% it will be mandatory come back to it later and consequently it is quite useless to try to find everything right away.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

Leverage Allies – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks

Unlike the previous chapter, in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you will often have the opportunity to be accompanied by a ally. These NPCs will help you automatically but you can also manually activate theirs if you want special skill by pressing the appropriate button. This move is capable of easily stun small groups of enemies and moreover it has a very short recovery time, so we suggest you use it pretty much whenever you get the chance.

Not everything can be blocked – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor parry will allow you to have big advantages over enemies but to do them you need to have good timing. Luckily as long as you have a full block meter you can automatically block even the most unpredictable attacks, but unfortunately this feature does not always work. When an enemy starts a flash red in fact it means that it is about to unleash a devastating attack impossible to parry. In these cases the only thing to do is dodge in the opposite direction or take advantage of the double jump to get away quickly.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

Safeguard the experience – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor every time you accumulate enough experience you will unlock a skill point. These points are permanent but unfortunately if you die before getting one you will end up with lose all XP accumulated up to that point. Fortunately, however, there is a fairly simple way to recover in an instant all that you have lost.

If a normal enemy defeats you, that’s enough return to him and damage him with any attack to immediately regain all the lost experience. However, the story is a little different when you are eliminated by a boss. In these cases in fact at the point of your death it will be created a great pillar of light and to recover the experience, all you have to do is touch it.

Don’t waste your skill points – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips and tricks

Skill Points can be spent to unlock many different upgrades within the skill tree. At the beginning of your adventure you will have available different skill trees to choose from, but as you progress through the game you can unlock even more. For this reason, if there are skills that don’t convince you much, it’s better don’t waste the accumulated points to unlock them. This way when you will have access to more useful and powerful moves you can activate them all immediately.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, tips and tricks for new players

May the force be with you!

This concludes our list of tips and tricks dedicated to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Now all you have to do is explore the galaxy and put all our suggestions into practice. Our article ends here but, if you are interested in learning more about the gamewe invite you to take a look at the others guide dedicated on our website:

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