PlayStation 5 becomes sponsor of the Italian Super Cup 2020

PS5: exceeded 38 million units sold

Sony has stated that a total of over 38 million PS5s have been sold worldwide since launch in 2020 to date

Due to distribution issues and recent price increase many gamers are under the impression that the PlayStation 5 isn’t doing too well in terms of sales, but apparently the reality is quite different. Recently Sony indeed stated that from launch to date in total 38.4 million PS5s have been solda result not too far from what PS4 achieved in the same period of time.

The PS5s sold at the beginning of 2023 bode well for the future of the console

Apparently the success of PS5 does not seem to be in decline at all, given that according to the latest financial reports from Sony, the console is getting some truly outstanding results. The achievement of 38.4 million units sold it is a truly incredible achievement, but to make matters worse, the company has even managed to conquer a record across the gaming industry. This year indeed PS5 has exceeded 6 million units sold during the first three months of the year, a milestone never achieved by any other console. Furthermore, it seems that from here on out sales will not decrease, given that according to analysts, more than 100 million units will be sold by the end of the PS5 life cycle.

Sony also seems to have achieved some excellent results also with regard to the sale of software. In fact, in the last quarter the company has sold over 68 million video games of which 9.5 million are first party titles. As if that weren’t enough then there also seems to be an increase in PS Plus subscribersfrom 46.4 million last year to well 47.4 million. In short, contrary to what many people think, it seems that PS5 is proving to be a great success for Sony.

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