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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

In this guide we will help you understand where to find the essences to power up in the brand new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

To the delight of all fans, the time to return to the well-known galaxy far, far away has finally come. The latest effort by Respawn Entertainment has in fact been available for a few days on PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5, four years after its predecessor (of which you will find our review on this link). Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an impressive game (also in terms of the actual weight on memory) and which includes new mechanics and ways to progress and upgrade, such as Essences, which we will help you find in this guide.

Jedi essence

The Essences in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be represented by columns of light that you can find around the game world. They will be of various nature and will give different bonuses depending on which one you recover. An Essence of the Force, as easily guessed, will increase the capacity of the Force of Cal, and the same will happen by coming into possession of an Essence of Life. Then there will be some that will give you additional experience points, and still others (the rarest) that will allow you to obtain a real new skill.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

Dredger Gorge – Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

You can find different essences in this area of ​​Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Specifically we will have an Essence of life, which it will be possible to recover near the abandoned dam: you will have to head to the right of the dam and, after crossing a bridge, you will see two droids engaged in a fight. Once the threats have been eliminated, you can use the Force to open a red hatch, which will lead you, among other things, to the aforementioned Essence.

In the same location you can also recover an Essence of the Force. The latter will always be found not far from the abandoned dam: from the meditation place, head right and reach the elevator. Near the latter you will have to blow up a wall, beyond which you will have to face enemies. Continuing you will have to climb a rope and the Essence should be just beyond.

The last Essence that we mention in this area will instead give you an experience point to use to enhance your alter ego. Starting once again at the abandoned dam meditation site, head left and down until you reach and pass an Echo Of The Force. Once you get to a rope, drop down and use the wall run to reach a platform on the left where the Essence will be waiting for you.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

Rambler’s Reach – Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

As in the previous paragraph, also in this area of ​​Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you can find different Essences. Two of them will allow you to upgrade Cal’s life. The first one will be found near a meditation point near the clock tower. You will find it inside the structure and you can reach it using the wall run. The second Life Essence will be waiting for you on a rock pillar near the falls. To reach it you will first have to go through the Bilemaw arena and defeat them, then head left and follow a winding path that will require you to mainly use your wall run.

You will find an Essence of the Force in this area, and specifically near the Hunter’s Quarry. You will have to enter the circular building with the crane. Inside you can activate the mine carts to open the main door and then use them to knock down the one containing the Essence. You will then find another Essence, which will give you a bonus experience point. It will be found not far from the waterfall area with the rock platforms. Locate some tendrils to climb on and follow the (particularly acrobatic) path until you reach a rope, through which you can swing until you reach a small area on which the Essence awaits you.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

Undercity Meats – Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find the Essences

In this particular area of ​​Star Wars Jedi: Survivor there won’t be many Essences to find. In fact, on closer inspection it seems that there will be only one waiting for you, but it could still be useful to you as it will allow you to enhance your Strength. The procedure to recover it will be quite simple: you will have to go to Coruscant and specifically reach the Undercity Meats meditation point. The Essence will be waiting for you on the left side of the dark room with hanging meat.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

Basalt Forest – Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

In this area of ​​Star Wars Jedi: Survivor there will be two Essences to find, one of which is very important as it is an Essence that will give you a new ability. The latter will be found in the Bilemaw lair (near the meditation point) and will give you the Confusion: Greater Fauna skill, very useful as it allows you to confuse even larger enemies, thus providing you with an excellent advantage in battle . The other Essence instead will give you a bonus experience point. You can find it after the forest boss and it shouldn’t be very hidden, so it will be hard to leave it behind.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: where to find Essences

May the Essence be with you

As we have seen, every Essence that can be found in the game world can be crucial if you are looking for that extra gear to overcome some particularly difficult opponents, given that, like its predecessor, this new title will also require average a healthy dose of dedication to get it done. If you have missed any Essences among those listed in this guide, the advice is therefore to try to recover as many as possible, since, especially at the highest difficulties, every little advantage can make the difference between life and yet another game over.

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