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Star Wars: The Old Republic, ILM CG trailer available for new update

Through a press release, BioWare and LucasFilm Games have released the new CG trailer, created by ILM, of Star Wars: The Old Republic on the occasion of the launch of the new update, Legacy of the Sith

Meanwhile the rumors about Jedi Fallen Order 2 continue, and LucasFilms has confirmed three titles in development with a Star Wars theme, there is a game that continues to live from the distant 2011 that is about to be updated by the company again. We are talking about Star Wars: The Old Republic, the BioWare MMORPG, which after celebrating 10 years of storytelling is about to receive a substantial update, titled Legacy of the Sith. Available today, the update provides players with a host of new content, updates and in-game activities throughout 2022. In addition to the exciting upcoming story chapter, the highly anticipated Combat Styles feature will add a new level of customization to weapons and character abilities, giving you even more options for creating the Star Wars character you’ve always dreamed of.

Via press release, BioWare and LucasFilm Games have also disclosed a new CG trailer dedicated to the game, created by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), the world’s leading special effects company, founded by George Lucas. The companies have teamed up on a new cinematic launch trailer that sets the stage for the expansion’s events. Obviously, the trailer is available from today, February 15th, and we leave it for you below.

Star Wars: The Old Republico – Legacy of The Sith, available the CG trailer created by ILM

The new CG trailer titled “Clutter” debuted today, at 5 pm, on the team’s official YouTube channel. This is BioWare’s iconic new CG trailer, introducing the new expansion. Additionally, a new special video for the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republico has also been made available, edited with the game’s epic cinematic trailers released over the years. Find it below!

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