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Star Wars: Ubisoft Massive game will be released in 2025?

According to a new rumor appeared on the net, it seems that the Star Wars game in development at Ubisoft’s Massive studios could be released in 2025

Tom Henderson is certainly one of the most active insiders on the web, and among his latest tips we find some information about the upcoming Ubisoft productions. According to rumors, there seems to be a sequel to Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Assassin’s Creed Riftand and a new one Prince of Persia with 2.5D perspective. On a separate note, Henderson took the opportunity to talk about the Star Wars title in development at the studios of Massivewhich according to him will not see the light before 2025.

Star Wars: Massive title may not come out until 2025

Of the title in question, Henderson talked about it in special tweetspecifying not to have included it in the list of games mentioned, as the one with the farthest launch window ever. The reference, in this sense, relates to a hypothetical date of 2025, even if a launch in a subsequent period is not excluded. Certainly, if everything were to be confirmed, it would certainly not be surprising news, given that the game was announced in January 2021 and confirmation of how it was in the early stages of development had arrived.

Of the title of Star Wars in production at Ubisoft Massive Studies we know very little about it, except that it will tell an original story, and that it will be something completely different from anything seen to date. It still remains to be seen whether it will be an open world game, or a shooter with covers, but for this we just have to wait for more information from the team and the publisher.

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