Starfield: release postponed and dedicated Showcase announced!

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The release of Starfield, the highly anticipated Bethesda title has been postponed to September. Let’s find out when and find out all the details in this dedicated news

One of the most anticipated video games of 2023 has been (again) postponed, we are talking about Starfield, whose release date was scheduled for the first half of this year and has instead been postponed. After confirming earlier this year that a standalone showcase dedicated to the game was in the works, Bethesda has also announced when it will arrive showcase and when the game itself will be launched.

Starfield: release postponed to scheduled dedicated showcase!

The release of Starfield, therefore, has been postponed to September 6, 2023almost a year from what should have been the official release date which, at the time, was set for November 11, 2022. Meanwhile, the showcase – or Starfield Direct, as Bethesda itself calls it- is set for June 11thand the director Todd Howard shared a message about it, also providing information about the game and its development.

Starfield: release postponed and dedicated Showcase announced!

Here are Todd Howard’s words:

We’ve poured our all into this game and even I’m surprised how much we can pour. It’s big. This June, we’re taking you into the studio and taking you deep into the game during our Starfield Direct. There is so much we still have to show you. The game has many of the hallmarks you’ve come to expect from us, but it’s also a truly unique experience.”

So these are the latest news related to the next Bethesda-branded title. Let us know what you think, if your hype remains high or if these constant delays have now negatively affected your expectations and your excitement about the release of this game. To stay updated on all the news from the gaming world and beyond, keep tuning in to

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