Starfield: the announcement of the dedicated Showcase seems imminent

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Starfield is back in the spotlight and according to new rumors from Andy Robinson it seems that the Showcase dedicated to the title is coming

One of the most anticipated exclusives in development at Bethesda studios is Starfield, the new exclusive from Microsoft exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X / S. After long periods of doubts and perplexities about the realization of the title, something finally seems to have moved with some news on the title. New rumors confirm that one is in the works Standalone showcase focused on Starfield, and while it’s currently unknown when it will premiere, that could change soon.

Is the Showcase dedicated to Starfield a reality?

Second Andy Robinson by VGC, which recently published on Twitter that, based on what he’s heard, an official announcement is on the way from Microsoft’s Starfield Showcase. This statement ties back to Bethesda’s recent statements that it was still fixing some aspects of the game to once again show the title with a official date.

The rumors also state that during the event the release period of the game will finally be revealed, although it remains to be seen what it will actually be given that not much is known yet what the next titles will be Microsoft out this year. Recent reports have claimed that the game will be released in the month of Junealthough other rumors have indicated it may have been delayed to fine estate. Officially, the launch is still scheduled for the first half of this year. Recall that Starfield is in development for Xbox Series X/S e PC.

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