Starlink aiuta l'Ucraina: colpiti i veicoli militari russi thumbnail

Starlink for Ukraine: satellites locate Russian weapons

The satellite system Starlink Of Elon Musk is helping an elite Ukrainian drone unit destroy Russian weapons, according to the Times. The specialized aerial reconnaissance unit Aerorozvidka operates modified drones with thermal cameras to detect Russian military vehicles at night: The drones would have been modified to throw anti-tank grenades at targets.

Starlink helps Ukraine: here’s how

The Internet system Starlink ensures that drone teams can function even in the event of an internet or power outage, which is currently widespread in Ukraine due to the ongoing war. On February 26th, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, asked Musk on Twitter to send Starlink terminals to Ukraine.

Musk then responded positively, writing to Fedorov on Twitter the day after the Starlink service was activated in Ukraine and other terminals were being activated. A process that at the moment seems to have been successful, given how effective the system is in counterbalancing the power of the Russian offensive.

The nation has received at least four shipments of Starlink terminals since March 1, according to the Deputy Prime Minister’s tweets anyway, and will likely receive more over the next few weeks, so they can be prepared even if Russian soldiers find. a way to sabotage some of the existing positions at the moment.

“The quality of the link is excellent,” said Fedorov. “We are using thousands of terminals with new shipments arriving every other day.” However, on March 4, Musk warned Starlink users in Ukraine to turn on the system only when necessary, as they could be targeted by Russian hackers as sensitive targets during the conflict.

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