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Hogwarts Legacy will also arrive on Nintendo Switch

Warner Bros Games has officially confirmed that its long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy has a release scheduled for Nintendo Switch as well

Just a few days ago WB Games finally raised the curtain on the highly anticipated one Hogwarts Legacywhich starred in Sony’s latest State of Play, by way of a full-bodied gameplay reveal. The event was followed, in the following days, by further details, such as the different difficulty options and the absence of microtransactions. The surprises, however, did not end here, as they also impacted on target platforms of production, within which it has sprung up Nintendo Switch.

Hogwarts Legacy also confirmed for Nintendo Switch

The confirmation of the arrival of the game on the console hybrid from Nintendocomes to us directly from Official production FAQ page, in which express reference is made to the machine in question. In reality, this is not particularly unexpected news, given that the main third party multi-platform titles have not failed to arrive on the hardware of the Kyoto house. It is true that, if we take for example Hitman 3, Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy or Dying Light 2 Stay Human, we are talking about cloud versionsand in this regard it still remains to be understood whether the title in question will also adopt this choice.

Hogwarts Legacy will also arrive on Nintendo Switch

A clue to this effect, in any case, can come from the fact that Avalanche Software developers they did not mention it in the FAQ, while numerous retailers, including Amazon, have already included the physical release for Nintendo Switch di Hogwarts Legacy. Surely there will be updates from the team or from WB Games itself, and we at will not fail to keep you updated on this, therefore we invite you to continue following us.

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