Starting Over with Me: the release date of Ambrosioni’s film has been revealed!

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Through a press release, Wanted Cinema has revealed the release date in Italian cinemas of Ricomincio da Me, the new film by Nathan Ambrosioni

Wanted Cinema is pleased to announce the arrival in theaters from 7 December of the new French comedy which stars Camille Cottin, I start again with myself. Directed by Nathan Ambrosioni, the beloved French actress (Call my agent!, House of Gucci, Murder in Venice) plays Antonia, known as Toni, a single mother of five grown-up children who wants to start a new life. Find the official trailer (in French!) below.

Ricomincio da Me arrives in Italian cinemas: here is the release date!

Ricomincio da me addresses the themes of motherhood and adolescence in a completely new way, telling the story of a woman and her desire to follow her dreams, despite a complex, non-traditional family made up of five grown children. With a brilliant, funny and touching tone at the same time, the film tackles delicate and universal themes and investigates the figure of a multifaceted woman, like everyone else, with a thousand souls, a thousand desires, dreams and contradictions, with sensitivity and authenticity. Camille Cottin’s extraordinary interpretation makes the character of Toni unique and very alive between enthusiasm and introspection, between moments of tiredness and peaks of energy.

Director Nathan Ambrosioni he has declared:

With Ricomincio da me I wanted to investigate a very particular phase in a mother’s life in which everything is called into question. In this particular case, being a single woman who is almost always busy with five lively children constitutes a specific social condition.

The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Antonia, known as Toni, is a single mother who raised her five children alone, leaving behind a promising musical career. In fact, at the age of twenty she had recorded a very successful hit. At home she always has a lot to do and only rarely does she allow herself a free evening with her friends. The kids older than her are finally starting college and she wonders what she’ll do when they leave the nest? At forty-three will you still have time to take control of your life? In the meantime, she enrolls in her time at university.

The protagonist’s five children are played by young actors Lea Lopez (Mathilde), Thomas Gioria (Marcus), Louise Labeque (Camille), Oscar Pauleau (Timothée) e Juliane Lepoureau (Olivia).

Ricomincio da Me will be in Italian cinemas distributed by Wanted Cinema from 7 December. Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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