State of Play: all the announcements of the event

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Tonight the new Sony State of Play was held and in this article you can find all the new announcements and games shown during the event

After a long silence Sony has finally returned to be heard thanks to a new one State of Play. Several PlayStation events are shown throughout these PlayStation events titles coming to PS4 and PS5and many of them are obviously gods exclusive. During this night’s State of Play we witnessed several interesting announcements and in this article you can find them all.

Tekken 8 – State of Play: all announcements

This State of Play really started with a bang, as it opened with the reveal trailer Tue Tekken 8. The highly anticipated eighth chapter of this historic fighting series was shown with a long video in CGI that allowed us to witness a spectacular Kazama and Kazuya’s meeting. Unfortunately no gameplay sequences were shown and no details have been revealed regarding the release period, but we will probably know more in the Tokyo Game Show period.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – State of Play: tutti gli annunci

During the State of Play, the most important titles arriving on Sony platforms are shown and consequently they could not miss games for the PSVR2. Shortly after the show started, a trailer of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition. This Star Wars VR game will put you in the shoes of a droid repair technician lost on Batuu and will allow you to experience a truly breathtaking adventure firsthand. The title will be available exclusively for PSVR 2 and will be available during a generic 2023.

Demeo – State of Play: all announcements

Obviously the titles for virtual reality are not finished and in fact during the event a trailer of Demeo. This particular game for the PSVR 2 will allow you to play a classic in first person Tabletop dungeon crawler RPG. In this title you will face, alone or with your friends4 full campaigns and use up to 6 different heroes.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! – State of Play: all announcements

As if Tekken 8 wasn’t enough Sony has decided to announce another bombshell right away, and that is Like a Dragon: Were!. This title is a complete remake of one of the most particular spinoffs of the Yakuza saga and will allow you to relive the typical emotions of the series but in a completely different context: ancient Japan. The long reveal trailer allowed us to witness a large number of gameplay sequences and as if that were not enough he also revealed that the game will be available in the course of 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy – State of Play: all announcements

Obviously in this State of Play could not miss Hogwarts Legacy, the highly anticipated Harry Potter title coming in February. During the Sony event was announced The Haunted Hogsmeade Shopa exclusive mission which will be available at launch only your playstation. This quest appears to take place within a haunted shop and thanks to its dedicated trailer it allowed us to see this highly anticipated Warner Bros. title in action once again.

Pacific Drive – State of Play: All Announcements

If you are a lover of driving games and gods survival for sure you will be interested in Pacific Drive. In this particular indie title you will have to drive your car inside the mysterious Olympic Exclusion Zone, a particular area of ​​North America that has been abandoned for decades. This place is extremely dangerous and your car will be the only means you will have to survive inexplicable phenomena that take place within it.

Synduality – State of Play: all announcements

Synduality is a game dystopian sci-fi in which you’ll have to explore the post-apocalyptic world of Amaziah. In this abandoned and inhospitable place you will have to board your trusty one mech e fight to get the hidden resources on the planet. This particular universe in which humans and artificial intelligences have to work together to survive seems really interesting and luckily we can try it already. in 2023.

Stellar Blade – State of Play: all announcements

Stellar Blade, formerly known as Project EVEis a quick action game in development by Shift Up. In this title you will take on the role of EVE and you will have to venture into one futuristic city haunted by nightmare creatures to try to save humanity. The title will be available in the course of 2023 for PS5 and will most likely arrive on PC as well.

Rise of the Ronin – State of Play: All Announcements

If you are a lover of games set in feudal Japan, this State of Play will certainly have given you a lot of satisfaction. In addition to the Yakuza spinoff, it was also announced Rise of the Roninand action RPG in development by Team Ninja. In this title you will play the role of a Ronin, that is a samurai without a master, who will have to find his place within an era in which Japan is opening up to the West for the first time. The title seems to promise to technical and spectacular fights typical of Team Ninja productions, and at the moment its release is scheduled for a generico 2024.

God of War Ragnarok – State of Play: all announcements

Finally, as it was easy to guess, the State of Play ended with a new trailer for God of War Ragnarok. This long story trailer has allowed us to understand a little better the objectives of Atreus and Kratos, but not only. In fact, during the video we also witnessed atvery ancient gameplay scenes breathtaking and we also got to observe many creatures and settings never seen before.

That’s it for the State of Play!

This concludes our recap article dedicated to the announcements of this State of Play. If you are interested in learning more about the various titles shown during the event, all you have to do is keep an eye on our site in the next few hours.

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