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Nintendo Direct: recap of all announcements for September 2022

The presentation of September 2022 has arrived bringing with it many intriguing news: here are all the announcements of the latest Nintendo Direct

As always for some time now, with each Nintendo Direct also comes a recap of all announcementsand the presentation of September 2022 certainly not far behind. Yesterday’s showcase confirmed the rumors about it: autumn has therefore opened with many news, although the Big N has specified on its official Twitter profile that the titles concerned would only be those scheduled for the coming winter. Of course, it’s not a foolproof rule: there are exceptions. If you missed the show and don’t want spoilers, below you can find the overview in its entirety.


The opening of Nintendo Direct, in addition to the now customary condolences for the victims of the pandemic, was marked by one of the most unexpected announcements among those of the September 2022 presentation. With a new trailer we have a new blue (and red) ribbon from Intelligent Systems. Contrary to what the title might suggest, Fire Emblem Engage it is not a title developed for Nokia’s brave experiment. Rather, it is a new chapter focused on meeting the heroes of the previous episodes of the saga. Fire Emblem’s answer to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, basically. January 20, 2023.

Parents of the Year – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Let’s move on to another of the announcements seen in the September presentation, or the trailer with which the Nintendo Direct confirmed one of the most persistent rumors of the hot summer of 2022. If Unravel Two has confirmed to us how the hybrid console of the Grande N is suitable for co -op, then It Takes Two he takes the trouble to remind us. We can therefore go back to solving the couple problems between Cody and May, the most hateful parents ever, in their rag bodies. The masterpiece of director Josef Fares, who made a killing of hearts at the previous Game Awards, brings its exclusive quality to the two players also on the Switch. November 4thcon pre-orders from today.

Fear of the West, goodbye – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

In reviewing LIVE A LIVE, we noted (after giving low resolution screens the same context as this late recap) with great pleasure that Japanese publishers are gradually opening up to Western audiences with reissues of their more “shy” titles. Free advertising via an Assistant in the aforementioned Smash has benefited the series enormously Project Zeroas evidenced by the “debut in the west” of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. In this title we will have to accompany Ruka Minazuki to an abandoned hospital, to dust off her past. Armed as always with Camera Obscura, of course. And Nintendo, cryptic as always, did not lie: technically we are talking about “this winter”. Early 2023.

And speaking of seasons – all the Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

The Kyoto giant has an equally colossal title to be milked, that is Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Volume 2 of the Expansion Pass was revealed. The new heroine Ino, of a mechanical nature, joins the team at the player’s disposal… as long as her story ends, of course. In addition to the new class obtainable through Ino, however, new challenges await you. Defeating waves of enemies will earn you rewards including, of course, new costumes. For the rest of the contents included with the DLC we will have to wait, but for now it separates us exactly one month from Ino and the news that it brings with it. October 14.

First roundup – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Yes, first! Would you believe it? L’next year awaits us SpongeBob: The Cosmic Shake, in which a delusional desire provides the perfect excuse to explore seven different worlds, each with their own gameplay ideas and voice acting including the original voices. Speaking of delusions, however, no one could foresee a follow-up to Fitness Boxing under the license of Ken the Warrior. We wouldn’t have invented it even if we wanted to; Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star is coming to March 2023. The beginning of the next year will also see the release of Ubisoft’s light-hearted dodgeball game, Oddballers. As for Tunicsurprisingly it will also be released on Switch, and to top it off on the 27th of this month!

Front Mission – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

No, there is no talk of making a front as the goal of your mission. Heaven, no! But the presentation kept us informed about the remake of Front Mission in the works for Nintendo Switch. Last February’s phenomenal showcase (never forget it) reminded us of the basic idea behind this cult strategy title: targeting specific points of opposing mechas. We are pleased to see (again) a game exiting Japan for the first time, as will be the case for the second of the two games concerned. However, the dates are always vague: November this year in the case of the first game, e next year for the sequel. Surprisingly, however, the third installment will also receive a remake later!

“Here, in fact, I am loading manure, then transporting the manure …” – all the announcements of the Nintendo Direct of September 2022

We certainly cannot define a similar day in the same terms as Renato Pozzetto in The country boy, not with the announcement of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. The agricultural simulator of twenty years ago returns to our screens in a completely new guise, entrusting us to manage the farm inherited from our father. We can therefore take care of the harvest and our animals, while expanding our little green corner of paradise. Getting to know your neighbors, getting married, having children and even getting old: this and much more in a game that, years later, still has a lot to say. Estate 2023.

We discontinue this schedule – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Pinnuccia and Morena da Splatoon 3 they remind us that one is expected Splatfest. You already know how festivals work, but if not, we will refresh your memory. These are surveys to participate in by making your answer a real faction. Of course, our task later will be to smear all the other players. The question this time is: what would we take with us to a desert island? Decide whether to opt for utensils, snacks or pastimes, and defend your choice as if your (virtual) life depended on it. The, ahem, “votes” are expected between 24 and 26 September.

Twice eight is sixteen, like bits and their nostalgia – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Remember we mentioned LIVE A LIVE earlier? His spiritual following now has a sequel to talk about! Well yes, Octopath Traveler II it is a reality, bringing “eight new wayfarers” around the kingdom of Solistia. The pacifist samurai Hikari, the aspiring diva Agnea, the charismatic merchant Partitio, the vengeful Osvald, the thief Throné, the theologian Temenos, the intrepid huntress Ochette and the amnesic apothecary Castti (yes, with two “t’s”) enter a bar and… okay, no, no bar, but “just” a huge world to explore in a new and exciting era, with an in-game day-night cycle. February 24, 2023.

Hands ripped from farming – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Or maybe not, not necessarily. The fact is that agriculture abounds, given the theme of this announcement. Fae Farm, not unlike the Rune Factory series, has set itself the goal of marrying agricultural simulators with the RPG genre. Fantasy is seen in the spells you use on your crop, but also in battle as you explore the kingdom of Azoria. The experience lends itself well to co-op, both locally and online. Just so we don’t miss anything, the crafting mechanics also put a pinch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons into the mix, with the ability to create our own furniture. Primavera 2023.

Play it again, Square – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Mentioning Casablanca (badly) came naturally to us, with the return of the original collaboration between Square Enix and Indieszero. Years before managing Kingdom Hearts, in fact, the virtuosos of hybrid rhythm games indulged themselves with Final Fantasy. And it’s going back to where it all started that Theathrythm Final Bar Line intends to discover new gameplay ideas. We do not know what will happen to the use of the Nintendo Switch touch screen, but we doubt that the original mechanics seen on 3DS make its return given the “double” inputs introduced with Melody of Memory. However, with 385 songs in the base game and others still planned as DLC, the game will also be available in local co-op. February 16, 2023.

Sparks of Hope – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Italian pride is felt, given the (deserved) success of Davide Soliani and all the former editors of Nintendo La Rivista Official who have become part of Ubisoft Milan. Unfortunately we have already heard of the salient news about Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope from the recent Ubisoft Forward, but we certainly can’t say no to a second look at the game. The narrator does not fail to remind us of the strengths of the game, given the enormous improvements to an already intriguing gameplay from the start. More side quests, more NPCs to help, more strategic opportunities and, at the same time, less exploration constraints dictated by the RPG formula. We will face the cosmic darkness (with Rayman in tow) the October 20.

Dejà woo-hoo – all Nintendo Direct announcements for September 2022

Wow, needless to do it on purpose (no, we did it on purpose and how) and after mentioning Rune Factory here is that this same IP offers us some ideas to have a chat. However, given what we have said of the fifth chapter, we can hardly expect innovations in a remake of the third. Not for this, however, we disdain Rune Factory 3 Special a priori, indeed. Certainly, the plot promises to be interesting, with a protagonist capable of transforming himself into a monster in a world where humans and other creatures find themselves at loggerheads. He doesn’t talk about it before 2023. The Direct also alluded to “a new Rune Factory series”, but we will have to wait to find out more in …