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State of Play: annunciato Rise of the Ronin

Last night’s short but intense State of Play brought us back to feudal Japan thanks to Rise of the Ronin coming next year

In recent days, gamers all over the world may really have done it a nice binge of headlines and announcements. Just think of the Ubisoft Forward, the Nintendo Direct, but above all the State of Play last night which, among the various titles, also saw the ticking of Rise of the Ronin. But let’s try to understand things a little better!

Rise of the Ronin: between katana and gunpowder

Rise of the Ronin is therefore the latest effort by Team Ninja, already known for the various chapters of Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Hyrule Warriors e Niohwhich brings players back to the last years of the Edo period when Japan was being “westernized” with new US technologies and an opening to the rest of the world. If a review is needed, it may be useful to review “The last samurai”.

Obviously the player will play a samurai without a master, hence the title of the game, which will have to choose which side to stand among the many factions present. Of course everything will be seasoned with a great deal of blood and fighting to then wash the dishonor in an open world experience! Just take a look at the trailer below to realize it.

Compared to what we saw on Nioh, this game should therefore be a bit more realistic so definitely not like the “colleague” Sekiro. At this point the question is “when will it come out?” and the answer is in a generic 2024 as exclusive to PS5. For further news on the subject, we remind you that the director of the title, Fumihiko Yasudahas already written something on the official PlayStation blog.

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