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State of Play | New trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo

Less than two weeks after launch, Ghostwire: Tokyo returns to the stage at the State of Play with an action-packed trailer

This 2022 for PlayStation 5 has started with great fanfare, with exclusives such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 that, in less than a month, have channeled the attention of the public with experiences of the highest level. And although Sony’s first-party title park on PS5 does not foresee big news in the months to come, the company’s flagship console of this generation will not remain without exclusive third parties. For example, in less than two weeks, the highly anticipated Ghostwire: Tokyo, developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda, will arrive on PC and PS5.

And just Ghostwire: Tokyo was talked about following the Sony State of Play last night, on whose stage it returned to show itself to add some details before the launch scheduled for March 25th. The trailer, which you find below, after having rejected us in the story, focuses in a particular way on the fast-paced action and allows us to take an additional look at the core gameplay. We leave you to the trailer.

Ghostwire: Tokyo returns to show itself with a new trailer from the stage of the State of Play in March 2022!

In Ghostwire: Tokyo we will find ourselves, precisely, in a city of Tokyo completely emptied of living beings and invaded by hordes of spirits, known as Visitors. Akito is the protagonist of the game and is possessed by KK, a detective spirit who gives him the ability to use supernatural powers. Powers that allow him to use psychic and paranormal abilities to defeat any enemy (ghosts and spirits) that he will encounter while exploring the city of Tokyo.

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