State of Play | Physint: Hideo Kojima’s return to the stealth genre announced

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Sony’s hunchback shot: not just stranded children, Kojima combines Death Stranding 2 with the return to Stealth with Physint in the State of Play

If wallowing in almost exclusively cinematic experiences isn’t for you, rejoice: Hideo Kojimaafter Death Stranding 2 – On the Beach, added to the mosaic of the last one State of Play a piece long awaited by many, that is the return to the stealth genre under the new name of Physint. Taking lessons from Nintendo, therefore, Sony concluded the event with a “last little thing” that puts the game designer back on the tracks that made him famous, parallel to Konami’s return on track. There new IPalthough at this point unknown, consists of a “next generation spy title”. The relief will have to wait, however, because as befits the “ads of other ads” category it will definitely take a long time.

Stealth, Physint, Kojima and that desire to close the State of Play by saying: Metal Gear who?

Whatever the temporal distance of Physint, Kojima is certainly preparing properly for Keep the promise to return to stealth done at the end of State of Play. “Preparations are underway, but production will actually start after Death Stranding 2,” he has declared Kojima. “We have quite a bit of experience with Sony, with our thirty-year collaboration on the spy genre. And Sony being a multimedia giant that extends to music and films, it will be a great collaboration. In two years it will be my fortieth anniversary as a video game artist. I’m sure this game will be the highlight of my career.” As if that wasn’t enough make the wait more excruciating, in addition to using “cutting-edge technology,” the game will leverage “international talent” to “transcend the barrier between films and video games.” The wait will be hard and it will last.

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