Steam Deck and Xbox Cloud Gaming: support activated

Steam Deck supporta Xbox Cloud Gaming: ecco come sbloccare la funzione thumbnail

The guys at Valve seem to have reached a new Partnership agreement with Microsoft. Specifically it seems that now Steam Deck will be able to support Xbox Cloud Gaming: this means in a nutshell that playing the Xbox Game Pass titles in portability on the Valve computer is no longer a mirage, but a concrete possibility. Let’s take a look at the details.

Steam Deck supporta Xbox Cloud Gaming

The way the developers at Valve have managed to implementare l’Xbox Cloud Gaming in Steam Deck it is actually quite simple. Microsoft has in fact acted in first person, publishing a version of the browser Edge dedicated specifically to the Valve console, so that it is possible for the user to open a window on the Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Of course, this is a choice that is not too surprising, given that the Redmond giant has already repeatedly expressed its desire to install its service on as many platforms as possible, to the point that many players are still waiting for it. on Nintendo Switch. If you want to activate Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Valve computer anyway, Microsoft has published a small guide with all the necessary steps to do so.

Unfortunately, the process is still quite cumbersome at the moment, as you need to go through the Discover Software Center di SteamOS to be able to install the version of Edge dedicated to the platform. Beyond this aspect, which will certainly be improved, it is interesting to note that such an initiative is possible.

What is the beginning of a more structured collaboration between these two giants in the sector? We will discover this only in the next few months, but for the moment the signs are positive and it seems that the two realities want to continue along this path.