Piaggio Liberty Baci Perugina in special edition

Piaggio Liberty 125, arriva l'Edizione Speciale Baci Perugina thumbnail

I Perugina chocolate kisses they are one of those legendary chocolates that all Italians, and not only, love. And to commemorate the hundred years since the launch of the first “Kiss” which took place back in 1922, Piaggio and Perugina have developed an edition special of the Liberty 125 high wheel scooter, which now comes with a commemorative livery and which certainly does not go unnoticed. The choice of this model is not accidental, as it is the most loved by the new generations of scooter riders, and a more than established best seller. produced in one million units in 25 years of life.

The Piaggio Liberty Baci Perugina therefore dresses for the occasion in the classic colors of the famous chocolate of lovers, and its unmistakable graphics. The livery shows the intense blue typical of the Bacio Perugina embellished with stars, including the brand logo on the shield. And the dark leather saddle recalls the colors of Luisa dark chocolatewhich has always distinguished the Perugina masterpiece of goodness.

Piaggio Liberty 125 Baci Perugina, there is also a matched case

ll Liberty 125 Baci Perugina comes in a single exclusive color and in the classic 125cc displacement of the Piaggio i-get engine family. Thus giving an exclusive and different touch to one of the brand’s best sellers.

And together with the Liberty Baci Perugina a specific helmet was created in two different colors : the classic, which incorporates the elegant blue Baci Perugina the color of the vehicle, and one silvered , inspired by the elegant silver band that wraps each chocolate. And no, inside the shell there is not the much sought after love phrase …

04 Piaggio helmet Baci Perugina

From 21 March to 15 May, six of the new Piaggio Liberty Baci Perugina and twenty dedicated helmets in the blue color will be up for grabs through a exclusive competition created by Baci Perugina. To participate, just buy a Baci Perugina product and try your luck by accessing the website: www.promozionitaliane.it/2/mettiinmotolemozione. More details on the website.