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Stefan Cooke signs a clothing collection for The Sims

The Sims it needs no introduction. It is one of the longest-running titles on the gaming scene, with over 200 million copies sold in a decade. And dozens of expansions that make the game always current and challenging. Like “Modern Menswear“, The latest expansion pack launched in collaboration with the London brand Stefan Cooke. A digital capsule collection of 23 pieces, which are nothing more than the “simulated” version of some of the most loved garments in the history of the brand.

Stefan Cooke X The Sims: the “Modern Menswear” collection arrives

“Everyone you talk to at some point in their life has played The Sims. It is an institution, it is part of the cultural history of growth “. This is how Stefan Cooke talks about the beginning of his collaboration with The Sims, which took the form of the “Modern Menswear” package. A collection designed to meet the demands of all those players who thought that men’s clothing was under-represented within the game. And so, after the London brand was contacted to respond to this request, Cooke carefully studied the game and previous expansion packs.

“We were well aware that many people who played The Sims had never heard of Stefan Cooke before – we are a very small and slightly esoteric brand in the fashion world – but if they recognize the quality and care we put into the work, then they will gravitate towards us. This is what The Sims players are already doing ”. And so, thanks to the opportunity offered by the game, Cooke was able to examine the archives of his brand, so as to choose the pieces to recreate in The Sims. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the package consists of the most iconic garments in its history. As the Varsity Coat With Skirt, a college jacket combined with a pleated mini skirt.

But Stefan Cooke’s goal was not just to choose iconic pieces from his collections, but rather to be able to adapt them to a game like The Sims. In fact, it is not just the design that counts. But also the wearability of the clothes themselves. Great expectations, therefore, from the London brand for this expansion pack dedicated to men’s fashion. “I wonder if people are going to wear a full Stefan Cooke look, or maybe they just want that leather jacket and it comes into their life that way. In this sense, it is the same as physical clothing “.

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