Sam & Max: in arrivo la remaster di Beyond Time & Space

Among the fans of graphic adventures, how could the duo Sam & Max be missing? In fact, it couldn’t, and the Beyond Time & Space remaster is here to remind us

About a year ago, the most unlikely detective duo ever, made up of a crazy dog ​​and rabbit, Sam & Max is back on Switch with the historic chapter Save The World, but now the time has come for new return with the remaster of Beyond Time & Space (or Season Two) of 2007. But let’s go ahead with some order.

Nintendo Switch: the remaster of the adventures of Sam & Max arrives in December

You have read that right! There remaster di Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space is coming up Nintendo Switch soon, indeed very soon, to be precise the next December 8 directly on the shop of the latest Nintendo console.

But who is behind this whole operation? The Skunkape team has in fact collaborated with the “veterans” of the series, or the Telltale, which have made the world of graphic adventures even bigger and more engaging. And what about the final result? Well, you just have to take a look at the trailer below!

In fact, the title seems to have been adapted for modern game consoles like the taste of gamers, they did so with Monkey Island 3D but that’s another story, as the Skunkape team members themselves stated!

We dove deep into the original 2007 assets, upping the resolution of the models and textures, re-encoding the audio, and turning everything back on from scratch. And, of course, we worked with our friends from Bay Area Sound, including series composer Jared Emerson-Johnson for audio.

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