Stellantis e Archer collaborano per la produzione di Midnight, il velivolo elettrico thumbnail

Stellantis and Archer collaborate for the production of Midnight, the electric vehicle

Stellantis NV and Archer Aviation Inc. today announced plans to extend their partnership by joining forces to produce MidnightArcher’s flagship electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Midnight, Stellantis and Archer’s aircraft

Stellantis will work with Archer to build the company’s recently announced manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia. And this is where the companies plan to start manufacturing the Midnight aircraft in 2024.

Midnight it is designed to be safe, sustainable, quiet, and with an expected payload of over 1,000 pounds (454 kg). It can carry four passengers plus a pilot. With a range of 100 miles (161 km), Midnight is optimized for short-distance back-to-back trips around 20 miles (32 km), with a recharge time of approximately 10 minutes.

This unique partnership in the industry of urban air mobility will leverage each company’s respective strengths and expertise to bring the Midnight aircraft to market. The target for Stellantis is to mass-produce Archer’s eVTOL aircraft on the basis of an exclusive contract.

Stellantis commitment

As a further demonstration of its commitment, Stellantis will provide up to $150 million in equity capital for potential use at Archer’s discretion in 2023 and 2024. Provided, however, that certain corporate milestones are met which Archer expects to achieve in 2023.

“Stellantis’ continued recognition of Archer’s progress towards commercialization, and the current commitment of significant resources to build the Midnight aircraft with us, puts Archer ahead of the competition”

he claims Adam Goldstein, founder and CEO of Archer.

Since 2020 Stellantis has been a partner of Archer, through various initiatives by collaboration and from 2021 as investor. During this time, Archer was able to take advantage of Stellantis’ deep experience in manufacturing, supply chain and design. He has allowed us to combine this know-how with his own efforts to design, develop and commercialize his eVTOL aircraft.

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