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The partnership between Indy Autonomous Challenge and the Milan Monza Motor Show has been announced

L’Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) today announced that it will partner with the Milan Monza Motor Show (MIMO) to bring her own autonomous racing cars in road racing from 2023 onwards.

Indy Autonomous Challenge, racing cars in street competitions

L’Indy Autonomous Challenge within the Milan Motor Show, Monza represents a big step forward and embodies the spirit of a dynamic edition. Furthermore, MIMO 2023 promotes awareness and dissemination of new technologies in all areas of Research. The Formula 1 circuit that will be used for test drives will be the stage for a special Formula Indy race, with self-driving single-seaters.

The AV-21 race car in AV-23

In addition to moving to road racing, the Indy Autonomous Challenge has announced plans to transform its current one Dallara AV-21 race car in an AV-23. It will come in an improved version with advanced automation hardware and software, more durable and easier to maintain packaging.

The completion of the AV-23 transformation will be done by end of 2023, but will be carried out in phases to allow for testing and validation of the systems. The transformation has already begun with a new central computer from dSPACE and new GPS systems by VectorNav.

Other technologies that will be enhanced with the AV-23 include:

  • New radar systems from Continental
  • Lidar systems updated by Luminar
  • Communication and networking solutions enhanced by Cisco
  • Cloud computing and data analytics from AWS
  • Advanced racing tire capable of both oval and road performance from Bridgestone
  • dSPACE on-board supercomputer
  • GPS/GNSS connectivity from VectorNav
  • Aerodynamic kit and other vehicle system modifications from Dallara.

Collaboration with AWS

The IAC will cooperate with AWS for its cloud computing to reach teams around the world who are looking for ways to test their own autonomous software and develop their own AI pilots.

The Indy Autonomous Challenge will be running in Las Vegas for the Motor Speedway on January 7th, with the semi-finals and final taking place between 1pm and 3pm. Admission is open only to CES attendees.

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