Stellantis Leapmotor: why the agreement with China is an advantage

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Stellar sets its sights on China which, if on the one hand represents a new global competitor, on the other offers new opportunities for‘electric: this is how a agreement with the young woman Leap motor.


Who is Leapmotor, Stellantis’ new investment

Leap motor is relatively young: it was born eight years ago, but with its cars based on NEV it has already become a real case. Leap motor it has in fact sold over 111 thousand cars in 2022 alone, an impressive achievement considering that it is a startup.

A startup that, at the time of its birth, didn’t even deal with engines. Leap motor was born in fact as a company dedicated to artificial intelligence, but the entry into the automotive sector came with the development of new technologies for future of electric.

An opportunity that Stellar he couldn’t let it slip away. The acronym NEVwhich represents the company’s strong point, stands for “New Energy Vehicle”.

The cars produced by Leap motorIn fact, I am not alone electrical: within the range there is a universe made up of electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen cars. In particular, plug-ins are interesting, which translate into electric cars with extended autonomy via range extenders.

This is a sort of shortcut, which uses small thermal engines which are not coupled to the wheels as normally happens, but have the function of recharging the batteries in order to increase their autonomy.

Stellantis and Leapmotor: the investment for the new joint venture

Given the potential, Stellar announced theinvestment of 1.5 billion euros to buy 20% of the share capital of Leap motor. The Chinese automaker does not directly become part of the universe Stellarbut with the Group it will give life to Leapmotor International.

It’s about a joint venture which aims to export Leapmotor cars to the West, including to Europe, and thus also bring the discovered technologies.

Ma why Stellantis and Leapmotor are a profitable deal?

The answer lies precisely in the new NEV discoveries of the Chinese company. Stellar has thought well of exploiting these technologies – from the range extender to the hydrogen engines – already tested. In fact, these are technologies already ready for production, the costs of which can be divided between Leap motor and the Group created from the merger of PSA and FCA.

A huge plus for Stellar e Leap motor. On the other hand, the transition to electric it is the new great battlefield on which all the automotive protagonists must compete.

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Leapmotor, prices: also in Italy?

It is not yet possible to buy cars from the Chinese company in Italy. It will be possible to sell the models globally thanks to the agreement Stellantis Leapmotor which will give life to the joint Leapmotor International.

The first potentially global model of Leap motor it was presented at the 2023 Monaco Motor Show, although there are three models considered the jewels of the Chinese car manufacturer.

Let’s start from the small one T03slightly larger than a Smart and direct competitor of the Renault Twingo and Fiat 500. Available only in a version with ion battery, it reaches cost only 20,000 euros.

Then there is the sedan C01with optimal design and performance, already on sale on the Chinese market with a starting price of 25,000 euroswhich reaches 38,000 euros in the most powerful version.

Finally, from 2020 on the Chinese market there is also the Suv C11, equipped with two electric motors with joint nominal power. In China the price amounts to approximately 25,000 dollars.

Leap motorafter theagreement with Stellantisis also ready to take the next step and has declared that by the end of next year it will offer the first fully self-driving electric car on the market.

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