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Stellantis: the Leasys and Free2move lease collaboration is born

The air is increasingly electric, the joint venture between Leasys e Free2move Lease opens a new era in rental. Thus the company which holds 50% of the shares of Stellar. E di Agricultural Credit Consumer Finance joins the activity of Free2move Lease. The collaboration gives life to the fifth Italian player in the sector, with a fleet of over 800,000 vehicles.

So customers can now have a customer experience in the various physical channels. These, together with the digital ones of all 14 Stellantis brands, offer convenience in terms of costs and ancillary services.

The joint-venture between Leasys and Free2move Lease opens up a new road to rental

Rolando D’arco, CEO of Leasys, explains: “The future of the sector will be in rental. We break new ground to cover every customer’s needs and explore new horizons. In the automotive world we are moving faster and faster from ownership to use. If the electrification of the fleets is leading to an increase in prices, Leasys is preparing to have easy monthly installments also for private individuals”.

While the study conducted by research firm Frost & Sullivan. This reveals the total number of leases and rentals activated in Europe has increased. The data is from 6.2% in 2022 and will grow further in the course of 2023. Above all, the electrified vehicle sector is in the center.

These have doubled, despite the pandemic, going from over 400,000 to over 840,000 between 2020 and 2022. How do you explain the phenomenon? The best financing formulas proposed to deal with complex and evolving scenarios. Above all, the ability to adapt to the new needs and demands of the electricity market

Leasys Free2move Lease, fonte LeasysLeasys Free2move Lease, fonte Leasys

The Leasys formula

QONTO. The online business account that simplifies everyday banking.

The Leasys formulas offered to individuals such as ‘Unlimited‘ were born to use the car without worrying about km. ‘Be Free‘ which allows you to return the car after one year without penalty. ‘Leasys Miles‘, pay-per-use formula to pay only for the kilometers travelled.

Leasys PRO‘ offers commercial vehicles customized according to one’s needs; ‘As New‘, for used vehicles, which in addition to promoting the circular economy, guarantees accessibility to all customers.

These are ‘customer oriented’ solutions which can be enriched by specific additional services. In this way, the company also supports the driver in the next phase. Thus activating the network of Stellantis dealers, as well as the network of partners to guarantee coverage.

Leasys and Free2move Lease, the rental in the name of the electric

Leasys thus it plans to have a fleet of one million rental vehicles by 2026. It aims to become the European leader in mobility services. Present in 11 countries of the European Union, to date the project is envisaged as the meeting of the best in the financial and automotive world.

Philippe de Rovira, Stellantis Chief Affiliates Officer, explains: “An upgrade is not the simple addition of two parts. We will work under the Stellantis hat but the fleets may also consist of other brands, to the benefit of the overall mobility of all motorists and global attention to sustainability.

Long-term rental as the ideal solution for testing green vehicles, reducing the risks associated with costs and unforeseen events – he promises – access to these engines will become democratic”.

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