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Stellar Blade: the game will be “uncensored” in every territory

Eve will be a modern biblical Eve even outside of Eden: the developers of Stellar Blade promise an “uncensored” experience

Given the fuss raised by the exuberant and busty protagonist Eve, the development team Shift Up wanted to make things clear straight away: Stellar Bladeboth in Japan and elsewhere, will be “without censorship”. The announcement was made via the tweet you see below. What this implies outside of a blurry image overwhelmed by a cross, we will only know on Friday. However, the gaming community (a historically sexist environment, ed.) has reopened the debate on modern female protagonists in video games and the “realism” brought to their character designs (with Fable, The Last of Us and Horizon: Forbidden West as examples). Since then, Eve has been the “spokesperson” for classic heroines, dispensing fanservice and kicks in equal measure.

The unexpected and “uncensored” hype of Stellar Blade

While Stellar Blade won't be available until this Friday, April 26, 2024, the game has already generated enough interest to lead the developers to “go easy” with the demo: certainly a request destined to remain unheard, for a game admittedly without censorship. Players have already snapped up over 50 hours of progress, transferable to the full game. Between more than 690,000 fans dailythe illustrious name of stands out Yoko Taro. The legendary visionary was quick to praise the game as “fantastic”, even calling it “much better than NieR: Automata” although, even in his case, the compliments were mainly directed at the character design.

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