Stellar Repair for Outlook: riparare i file PST

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With the Stellar Repair for Outlook tool it will be possible to repair damaged PST files, recovering emails and other useful information and then viewing them in Outlook. Let’s see how

Outlook is the e-mail service offered by Microsoft. Many of us use the program without knowing how the whole shack below works. However there are many interesting mechanisms and features. For example Outlook uses a particular file format (PST) to save a local copy of mail, calendar and other information. It is also possible to save emails and other information a PST type file which can be used to make a back up and not risk losing anything. However it is possible that these files may be corrupted or damaged. This could make it impossible to access our mail archive, causing many inconveniences. Stellar Repair for Outlook is a very useful tool to try to repair PST files and avoid any problems.

Stellar Repair for Outlook: riparare i file PST

Stellar Repair for Outlook: come funziona

This handy and powerful application allows you to easily recover even large amounts of data from corrupt PST files. Stellar Repair for Outlook it is much more reliable and accurate than many other recovery tools and is capable of creating virtually an identical copy of the original damaged file.

A number of additional features

What makes Stellar Repair for Outlook unique though are its unique features. In fact, the software first of all sdownload the PST file and preview all the data that can be recovered. In this way the user can understand if the result satisfies him or if it is worthwhile to recover only the most important data. Also, once the scan is finished, it will be possible save the results to a DAT file which will allow you to recover the information from the corrupt PST file without having to re-run the scans which can be very long if the file is large.

But Stellar Repair for Outlook goes beyond just data recovery. In fact, it will also be possible to manipulate PST files to manage them in total freedom. Eg we can split a large PST file into smaller files or compress it to limit memory consumption and make the entire mail client more responsive. It should be added that large PST files are more easily subject to corruption. It will also be possible to export a PST file in Office 365 format in order to use all the cloud services of the system.

Stellar Repair for Outlook: riparare i file PST

Stellar Repair for Outlook: requirements and installation

To install the software you need a Intel processor compatible (x86, x64) and a Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 operating system. Also required is a PC with at least 4 GB of RAM and 250 MB of storage space. So in terms of system requirements, this tool is really lightweight and doesn’t require high-end configurations.

For installation just download the guided tool for Windows from the official website. Once downloaded, it starts with a click and you follow the instructions to complete the process. The whole procedure is guided. Also using it is very simple. Just click Browse or use the Find option to locate and select the PST file you want to repair. The software will detect the selected PST files. A click on the “Repair” button will start the scan. Once the PST file has been scanned, it will appear on the dashboard. Here you can select any file to preview it. Next, you can click “Save Repaired File” to save it to your computer. Be careful not to save the repaired file in the same location where the damaged file was previously stored. It may overwrite the previous file and thus render the recovery ineffective.

Stellar Repair for Outlook: riparare i file PST


Stellar Repair for Outlook can be downloaded for free, but the free version has severe limitations in terms of the amount of recoveries and maximum file size. The versions Professional (cost € 79) e Technician (cost 149 euros) instead offer additional features without having any limitations.

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