Steve Wozniak thinks ChatGPT may be making ‘horrible mistakes’

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Steve Wozniak think that ChatGPT is “pretty impressive” and that it can become “useful for humans”, but also that I can commit “horrible mistakes”. The co-founder of Apple thinks that we need to pay attention to these artificial intelligences.

ChatGPT, for Steve Wozniak can make “horrible mistakes”

Talking to CNCB, Wozniak talked about the potential of ChatGPT, despite his usual aversion to technology that wants to simulate human behaviors. According to the tech guru, the potential to help humans is all there.

However, he doesn’t say so without a tinge of skepticism. “The trouble is, you can do good things with it, but it can make horrible mistakes not knowing what it means to be human.”

Wozniak further explained that he has similar concerns about autonomous driving. “It’s like: You’re driving a car and you know what the other cars might be doing right now, because you know humans,” but the same does not happen with cars on autopilot.

Wozniak therefore seems to recognize as the general public the potential of ChatGP, which it reached 100 million users after just two months. Impressive growth, much faster than TikTok, which took nine months to reach the same milestone.

Think it’s possible that ChatGPT helps people write computer code. But also to fill out forms and write curricula and more. However, cannot express “emotions and feelings about subjects” of the conversation. And this implies that human control of the tool remains important for use.

Wozniak sows considerand these applications of AI as tools, not to replace human labor but to help him. Because we are the only ones who can bring humanity to work – at least for the moment.

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