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Microsoft ready to bring ChatGPT to Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft is going to bring the new artificial intelligence in style ChatGPT in its apps for office productivity: Word, PowerPoint e Outlook they are ready for the AI ​​revolution. After the Prometheus model in Bing search engine last week, Microsoft wants generative AI in the office apps that made Windows history.

Microsoft porta ChatGPT in Office: Word, PowerPoint e Outlook

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The Verge reports that Microsoft is racing to integrate OpenAI’s generative AI into its software products. It even seems that the Redmond giant is planning an announcement in March, underlining how quickly Microsoft wants to revolutionize its productivity apps through its investments in OpenAI.

Already in recent weeks The Information had revealed how the ChatGPT models are being tested for Outlook. In the most popular email management app, the artificial intelligence should help in improving the search results among the mail. Additionally, the AI ​​can suggest replies to emails to optimize email handling. The same happens in the integration of Word documents.

microsoft office chatgpt openai minThe Microsoft Viva Sales integration (Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft itself has already announced a new generative AI experience in Microsoft Viva Sales, just a few weeks ago. Use Azure OpenAI and GPT to build sales emails for businesses: but soon we will see something similar for consumer users as well.

A new way to be productive

Microsoft soon wants to fully integrate OpenAI’s AI into Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint, which have been the heart of life in many offices and beyond for decades. But already today in the Office web apps you can use the Prometheus Model, thanks to the integration of the Bing sidebar in Edge browser.

This sidebar includes a compose tab, which allows you to let ChatGPT do the job write text documents in Microsoft Word and emails in Outlook. Soon it will too generate charts for PowerPoint, according to sources at The Verge. An important step for productivity, considering how much companies use visual charts for presentations or even for use in Excel.

ricerca bing in microsoft edge minThe Bing integration in Word on Edge (Credit: Microsoft)

From March onwards, we will be able to see several new integrations in the Office apps, allowing us to transform the “novelty” of ChatGPT into a productivity tool in all respects. With the Potential to change office and school life forever: it could become part of the document creation process, like the spell check or the “find and replace” option.

Rivalry with Google dictates speed

Microsoft is racing with generative AI mostly because of Google. In fact, it seems that Microsoft wanted to launch the new Bing AI at the end of February, but brought the date forward because Google announced ChatGPT rival Bard, just one day before the Microsoft event.

According to US media reports, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants to become a leader in artificial intelligence is essential and wants to fight back with his rival Google. THE Microsoft executives think they are far ahead of Google with Bing AI and integration into productivity apps. But at the same time, they don’t want to present buggy features and problems: the challenge seems too important to fail.

Microsoft believes in the project especially given the consumer response to ChatGPT. Which reached i 100 million monthly active users after just two months. More than a million people signed up for Bing’s waitlist in 48 hours – Microsoft’s search engine has never been more popular. Online search and AI are the battlefield between Google and Microsoft: we also expect news for the productivity apps of both throughout 2023.

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