Still a few days to redeem Dragon Age Inquisition and Control for free! Here’s how to do it

Ancora pochi giorni per riscattare Dragon Age Inquisition e Control Gratis! Ecco come fare thumbnail

There are still a few days left to redeem overtime games for free with Prime Gaming. This month, among others, we find two great free titles, Dragon Age Inquisition e Control. Two triple A games made by BioWare + EA Games and Remedy Entertainment respectively. The games will be available for free to all Amazon Prime subscribers until November 30, for Dragon Age, and until December 1 for Control. Let’s find out how to get these two video games for free.

Play for free with Prime Gaming

In case you don’t know yet, Prime Gaming is the division of Amazon prime dedicated to the world of video games. If you have an annual subscription to Amazon Prime you will therefore be entitled to a series of gifts in the gaming sector that varies from month to month and includes full games and lootbooxes, in-game items and skins for many other rotating titles. Let’s find out about this month’s free games offer.

Dragon Age Inquisition Gratis

The first of the two great titles to redeem is Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest chapter in the extraordinary RPG Fantasy saga created by BioWare e Electronic Arts. In this chapter our protagonist will enter the lines of the Inquisition, a group born to establish order in a land flooded by chaos. The gashes of oblivion have in fact opened on the whole world and only we have the power to close them, thus becoming the Herald of the divine Andraste. But many secrets, dangers and opportunities flooding the enchanting continent of the Thedas: the war between the Templars and the Wizards is raging, the Orlais is on the verge of war and the battle between the Gray Wardens and The Scourge is not a distant memory.

Despite its years (the game was released in 2014), Dragon Age Inquisition is still a very valid title that has conquered and continues to conquer countless players. It will be the right opportunity to prepare for the new Dragon Age coming.

To redeem Dragon Age Inquisition for free, just have an active subscription to Amazon Prime and visit the game page. Who, once you click on “Redeem Now” you will be provided with a code that you will need to use on the Electronic Arts Origin platform. Obviously, you will need to have an active account on this platform, which is also free.

Free control your GOG

Control is another extraordinary title that undoubtedly deserves your attention. We are facing one sthird person paratutto that puts us in the shoes of Jesse thread, a young woman capable of controlling supernatural powers. Her story will take her to the FBC, the Federal Bureau of Control, a government organization that studies supernatural phenomena that for some reason has kidnapped her brother. A series of extraordinary and disturbing events begins for Jesse that will make her discover a paranormal world that, in some way, is part of her past and that of her brother.

The version redeemable with Prime Gaming is the Ultimate Edition which includes the two DLCs published, The Foundation and AWE and all the updates received so far of the game.

To redeem your free copy of Control, simply visit the dedicated page on Prime Gaming, redeem the game and copy the code given to you on the GOG platform. Also in this case it will be necessary to register, always free of charge, to GOG in case you do not have an account.

The other free video games as a gift

The other games included in this month’s Prime Gaming are:

  • Puzzle Agent 2
  • Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
  • Secret Files: Sam Peters
  • BAFL Brakes Are For Losers
  • Liberated
  • Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

All these games can be redeemed on the dedicated Prime Gaming page no later than December 1st. We remind you that all redeemed games will remain yours forever.