Stitches-A private bond: the film by Miroslav Terzić

Available in preview in Italian cinemas on May 13, Stitches-A private bond, the new film directed by Miroslav Terzić. Distributed by Trent Film in association with Infilmica

Previewed at the 69° Berlinale in the Panorama section, the new film directed by Miroslav Terzic. An intense research work bringing the true testimony of Radonij drink, the modern heroine fighting everyone and everything to get to the truth.

Distributed by Trent Film in collaboration with Infilmica, the script is entrusted to the well-known author Apple Tataragić (God is woman and her name is Petrunya). Stitches- A Private Bond it is a strong story capable of digging deep into emotions, with dreams and hopes for the future.

Texture and details | Stitches-A Private Bond

Ana for years a young seamstress from Belgrade has been searching for her son who has disappeared and was left for dead since birth. All around her with all hopes now lost; they continue with their monotonous lives. Ana in her heart is the only one to ask herself a question: what happened to your son? Without a body on which to shed one’s tears, a long battle of hopes, struggles and silence begins, coming to unhinge uncomfortable truths.

Inspired by real events that took place between the 80s and 90s at the dawn of the war that devastated Yugoslavia, the director proposes a film in homage to all the families stranded in a nebulous and dark affair:

I learned about the story of the kidnapping of babies in hospitals. The story of their sales; false death certificates; lies to mothers; ruined families. I started digging, examining archives and looking for witnesses who had the strength to tell me something. None of the cases have ever been solved. There are more than 500 different stories, and some completely unheard. I decided to tell one.

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